Despite the wet conditions, locals and a large number of dedicated volunteers spent their Sunday afternoon enjoying Camp Comeca’s 66th Annual Buffalo Barbecue. 
The talk of the event was the delicious buffalo and pulled pork sandwiches prepared by Comeca site council member, Dave Jeffrey. “Dave has a generous heart and a real expertise with barbecue. Those qualities made him an integral part of this event, along with the other site council members and volunteers who also generously gave their time and talents ensuring the barbecue’s success,” said Justin Hoehner, the new director at Camp Comeca.
The event began with a well-attended worship service led by Pastor Anne Gahn of the Lexington United Methodist Church. Throughout the afternoon attendees enjoyed activities held indoors on account of the rain. The UMC Praise Band from Gothenburg and the Plainsmen Barbershop Quartet brought cheerful tunes to those chowing down. A silent auction brought more funds to the camp through donations from local businesses and individuals – a few high bidders even left with husker memorabilia and homemade apple pies. Kiddos enjoyed the gymnasium set up with a bounce house and the ever-popular rock wall.  And a few brave adventurers hiked in the weather to the cross on the hill.
“Overall, we are pleased with the turnout,” Hoehner remarked, “and we’re thankful for the support coming from the nearby communities.”
If you missed the barbecue and are wondering how you can donate or become part of the ministry at Camp Comeca, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the Camp Comeca office at 308-784-2808.
Two Rivers Public Health Department (TRPHD) reports a positive test of rabies in a bat implicated in a potential rabies exposure at a little league football event in Cozad on Sunday, September 17, 2017.  Anyone with direct contact with a bat in the TRPHD district (Buffalo, Dawson, Franklin, Gosper, Harlan, Kearney and Phelps Counties) should immediately consult with their medical provider and contact TRPHD.  Anyone with direct contact with a bat in or around Cozad on September 17, 2017 should seek immediate medical attention.  TRPHD recommends medical treatment for anyone with direct exposure to animals testing positive for rabies. 
Amy Dinslage, Community Health Nurse explains, “If you know you have had direct contact with a bat it should be carefully caught and tested for rabies. Bat bites can be easy to overlook, so if you find a bat in a room with young children, elderly individuals, any sleeping person, or anyone who is unable to communicate clearly, that bat should be tested.”
Bats can carry rabies.  Rabies, if left untreated, is nearly always fatal.  This is the time of year that bats may seek shelter for the fall and winter, so examine your home for small entry holes and close them.  The Center for Disease Control has instructions on how to safely catch a bat for testing at this link:
Animals suspected with rabies should be carefully collected and taken to a local veterinarian for observation or testing.  
Please contact Two Rivers Public Health Department at (888) 669-7154 to report contact with bats or visit our website  You can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter (@trpublichealth).
The Dawson County Commissioners met for a regular meeting on Friday, September 15th. 
Official Receipts were filed as submitted:  County Clerk - $600.00; Register of Deeds – $25,174.62; Clerk of the District Court - $15,510.l4 and Surveyor - $2,685.00.
Treasurer’s Receipts in the amount of $642,229.19 were approved. Approval was also granted to approve the claims submitted totaling $398,363.43.
Under Committee Reports, Commissioner Butch Hagan reported that the Ag Society would be meeting with the representative from Miller & Associates on September 26th concerning the renovation grant for the Dawson County Fairgrounds.
Emergency Manager Brian Woldt reported that parking lot has been poured on the old jail site and that they are waiting on CenturyLink to move the phone pedestals. Work will progress on the lights when the electricians return to the site.
Chairman PJ Jacobson opened a public hearing for the purpose of hearing support, opposition, criticism or suggestions to the proposed 2017-2018 county budget. The total tax request is $10,424,978.88 for the fiscal year.
Commissioner Bill Stewart stated that $140,000 had been removed from the Sheriff Department’s budget and that he would like to see it be returned. Chairman Jacobson explained that the Sheriff’s Department had $313,638.70 remaining in last year’s budget. The difference between what was spent last year to this year’s request totaled an increase of $398,786.70. Commissioner Dean Kugler did not want to see it changed.
The public hearing closed and a motion was made and seconded to amend the budget. This motion failed on a vote of two ayes and three nays. A new motion was made and seconded to adopt the budget and adopted with a vote of three ayes, one nay and one abstention.
In other business, Dawson County Sheriff Gary Reiber presented the crime reports for August 2017. There were 973 total calls for service during the month and 1,738 LEC Dispatch calls for service. 205 new inmates were booked with an average daily population of 100.9 inmates. Of these, 55.5 percent were contract inmates and 44.5 percent Dawson County inmates.
Board members authorized Chairman Jacobson to sign the resolution to adopt the updated hazard mitigation plan as well as the RTSD interlocal agreement.
County Treasurer Vickie Clements presented the verification of Sheriff’s distress warrants report. The county has collected taxes of $34,868.30 with uncollected taxes totaling $9,777.02.
The commissioners decided to accept properties that are three years or older to issue county tax sales and begin review for foreclosure.
A resolution was also approved to strike delinquent personal property taxes.
The next meeting for the Board of Commissioners is scheduled for Friday, September 29th beginning at 8:00 a.m. in the Commissioners’ Meeting Room in the Dawson County Courthouse located in Lexington, NE.