Starting the season off on the right foot and in sync were the Cozad High School Cheerleading squad as they received rave reviews while attending the 2017 Universal Cheerleader Association (UCA) Camp held on the campus of the University of Nebraska.
The team did an outstanding job representing Cozad High School.
Kennedy Berreckman, Abbi Jensen, Carrie Osborn, Emily Smith, Bri Valenzuela and Aaliyah Wilkins all were named as All-American Cheerleaders. 
As a group, they received Superior ribbons for every evaluated performance during the week. 
They were first in cheer performance, second place in extreme routine and the overall gameday champions. 
Bri Valenzuela received a ‘Pin It Forward’ award. 

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GETTING THEIR season off to a fast and very successful start were the Cozad Cheerleading squad as they attended Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA) Camp in Lincoln recently. Team members include (front, from left) Abbi Jensen, Kennedy Berreckman, Aaliyah Wilkins, Bri Valenzuela and Emily Smith. (Back) Ayden Ourada, Carrie Osborn, Katy Bartell, Olivia Klein, Natalie Engel, Ahnika Svajgr, Ally Shotkoski and Abby Cornelius.