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ENJOYING WAFFLES were a large crowd of patrons on Sunday at the Lexington Volunteer Fire Department’s 125 year Anniversary Celebration that featured the Waffleman. (ABOVE) Evan Thome (right) receives a fresh waffle from Waffleman Bill Maltas.

Celebrating in style with delicious waffles was the Lexington Volunteer Fire Department in honor of their 125 years of service to the community and surrounding areas. 
In honor of their milestone, the Lexington Volunteer Fire Department shared their joyous achievement with a large crowd of patrons that attended the celebration that featured the Waffleman Bill Maltas on Sunday morning and into the afternoon hours. He could cook over 20 waffles at a time. 
According to figures collected by the Lexington Volunteer Fire Department, there were over 700 waffles served on Sunday. The proceeds from the Waffleman event raised in excess of $3,000 for the Children’s Hospital and Medical Center in Omaha.