The Dawson County Commissioners met for a regular meeting on Friday, September 29, 2017. 
Treasurer’s Receipts in the amount of $334,370.99 were approved. Approval was also granted to approve the claims excluding the claim of $40,067 submitted totaling $1,291,571.64.
Chairman PJ Jacobson had submitted the $40,067 claim for the Cozad Grand Generation Center’s proposed bus and expenses to be taken out of the $280,000 in county lottery funds available. The commissioners felt that the claim should have been an agenda item and it was tabled until the next meeting.
A resolution was approved for Pinnacle Bank, Lexington to recall $9,500,000 worth of collateral.
Under Committee Reports, Commissioner Butch Hagan reported that the Roads Department would start looking at bonding some overlay projects. He also recommended that repairs on the CED parking lot be investigated, too. Emergency Manager Brian Woldt reported that CenturyLink Fiber in the new parking lot where the old jail was demolished would be completed by November 30th.
Chairman PJ Jacobson was authorized to sign the Stanard Appraisal contract: a review of the commercial property is necessary to properly equalize property values in the county.
Chairman Jacobson was also authorized to sign the certificate of cost allocation plan from MGT Consulting.
The commissioners approved to amend the current PTO (Paid Time Off) Policy for county employees. The amended handbook states that Under full years of completed service; at 1st day of the new pay period, following start date; but less than one year - PTO Accrual: PTO will begin to be earned on the 22nd day of the calendar month. PTO Use: PTO must be used, at a minimum in one-half hour increments. (Previously, one hour was the smallest increment allowed and many appointments only last one-half hour and then the employee may return to work.)
The commissioners conducted a jail inspection after adjourning the regular meeting.
The Dawson County Board of Equalization met prior to the commissioners meeting. 
Discussion was held regarding the notice of change omitted value for personal property of Tyson Fresh Meats in Lexington and Mid West TLC, Inc. in Gothenburg. The commissioners approved the increase in personal property and penalties as presented by Dawson County Assessor John Moore.
Also approved was a resolution for the Adoption and Appropriations regarding setting current tax levies. Levies are based on one cent of each one hundred dollars actual valuation. Lexington’s City Tax Levy is 0.400087 percent; Cozad’s is 0.436712 percent and Gothenburg’s comes in at 0.376757 percent.
School levies are as follows: Lexington – 1.050000 percent; Cozad – 1.283699 percent; Gothenburg – 1.042316 percent; Overton – 0.943449 percent and Sumner-Eddyville-Miller – 1.056353 percent.
The next regular meetings for the Dawson County Board of Equalization and the Dawson County Board of Commissioners is scheduled for Friday, October 13th beginning at 8 a.m. in the Commissioners Meeting Room in the Dawson County Courthouse located in Lexington, Nebraska.