Doing her best to help keep Cozad beautiful, Madisen Wilkinson recently raised funds along with her own money to purchase pet waste stations for Muni Park in Cozad.

Living near Muni Park, Madisen Wilkinson has used the exercise trail to walk her dog and has seen many other people use the trail for the same purpose.

To keep the walking of Wilkinson’s dog more respectful towards other individuals enjoying Muni Park’s: swimming pool, soccer fields, playground and frisbee golf course; Madisen felt the addition of the pet waste stations would be a welcome sight for Muni Park.

Madisen hopes with the addition of the pet waste stations that it will help encourage and allow for pet owners to dispose of their dog’s waste properly. It will assist greatly in making Muni Park much more eco-friendly.

“I thought it was a great idea and addition for Muni Park,” expressed City of Cozad’s PJ Jacobson.

There will be three waste stations that Wilkinson raised the funds for that will be placed around the walking trail soon.