Longtime Dawson County Sheriff Gary Reiber announced on Monday that he would not be filing for re-election for the Dawson County Sheriff position. 
Reiber has served the citizens of Dawson County for six terms and has filled the role of Sheriff since 1995. 
“I have had the pleasure of serving with many dedicated men and women over the years who plut themselves on the line in serving Dawson County and providing assistance to those in need,” expressed Gary Reiber. “Law Enforcement requires great physicality in dealing with today’s inmates, an area I am ready to pass the torch to the next Sheriff. I look forward to serving the residents of Dawson County through the end of my term.” 
Gary Reiber has been a member of the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office since 1978, when he started as a Deputy under Sheriff John Rohnert. Reiber eventually rose to the position of Chief Deputy under former Sheriff L.C. Mandelko. 
Reiber was deeply involved in the design and oversight of the construction of the Dawson County Law Enforcement Center. The Law Enforcement Center has been very beneficial in generating revenue through housing contract inmates from other jurisdictions, which greatly aided in paying bonds used for the construction of the facility.