Lexington Regional Health Center’s CEO, Leslie Marsh, was announced as the Hospitals and Health Systems Constituency Group Chair, the National Rural Health Association’s (NRHA) largest group, representing those affiliated with rural hospitals, health systems, or hospitals with significant interest in rural areas. 
“Being able to work with an excellent team, health care center and community has provided me a unique opportunity to help shape policy addressing the significant issues facing rural health care today. Hospitals in rural communities are experiencing more financial stressors and are increasingly vulnerable to closure,” Marsh said. “Being able to work with other health care leaders across the nation, to help inform policy makers, Congress and regulatory agencies about the challenges facing rural communities and the patients they care for is one way to contribute and keep rural strong.”
As a Constituency Group Chair, Marsh represents concerns for individuals as well as everyone involved in the NRHA membership. She serves on the NRHA’s Board of Trustees and Rural Health Policy Congress. Each constituency group expresses their ideas to contribute to the overall policy and direction of the NRHA. There are currently 10 recognized constituency groups within the National Rural Health Association. 
The National Rural Health Association is a nonprofit organization focused on providing adequate health care in rural communities. Constituency groups are appointed to represent a wide variety of medical professions. Each group then combines their ideas to achieve one common goal of making quality health care in rural populations affordable and accessible to everyone.