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The Cozad Ambassadors presented New Life Interiors owners Reuben and Dinna Hoff a “Thank You for Your Faith in Cozad Award” on February 1st at their newly remodeled show room located at 124 West 8th Street in Cozad.  
“It is always great when your business is growing, except when you outgrow your existing space.”  stated, Dinna Hoff. 
In 2016, the Hoff’s expanded their former business, Hoff’s Tops and reformed as New Life Interiors.  The expanded business includes kitchen and bath renovation plus flooring and tile sales and installation. The expansion led to some space inefficiencies.  The purchase of Kildare by Mead Lumber opened up a tremendous opportunity for the Hoff’s business to keep a downtown presence, consolidate their showroom and shop into one space.  Another benefit is they have ample room for parking and deliveries.  
The Hoff’s future plans include removing the metal storage buildings and the fenced in outdoor storage yard.  This area will be converted to for much needed parking downtown.  The removal of the storage buildings gives businesses on the west side of Meridian the opportunity to now have alley deliveries.  New Life Interior’s former location on Meridian was purchased by Cozad Development Corporation (CDC). 
The final results are an existing business has a new home that meets their needs, a vacant building has ‘New Life’, Meridian Avenue will be safer when deliveries can be made in the alley, additional parking spaces will be added, and CDC will be able to help a new business get started in Hoff’s old location.