The Cozad City Council and Mayor met for a regular meeting on March 5th.
Jen McKeone, Cozad Development Corporation Executive Director provided the council with an update on the current Community Development Block Grant that is providing rehabilitation grants for owner occupied households.
“This $297,000 grant has been good for the community,” McKeone shared with those in attendance. “Originally the intent was to help ten households, but since one came in under budget we were able to help eleven,” she explained. “Ten homes are complete with the eleventh one in progress and we may be able to squeeze out enough money to do one additional home,” she added.
“I realize that this has involved mountains of paperwork for City Clerk Susan Kloepping, but this is a very satisfying grant project and I want to express my thanks to all of you for applying and following through with this grant,” McKeone continued.
“There are eight on a waiting list for the next grant that the city may apply for in a year,” McKeone concluded.
Under New Business, Linda Mann appeared to request council approval to renew her maintenance care contract for the upcoming year. Mann takes care of Veteran’s Memorial Park and the Russell Jensen Memorial at Muny Park.  In addition to weeding Mann fertilizes, trims and sprays as needed. 
Council members renewed her monthly contract of $125/month throughout the calendar year for a total of $1,500.
Travis Munster, Owner of Big E’s Lounge appeared to request a special designated liquor license for the 2nd Annual Cozad Downtown Runaround scheduled for March 31st. Cozad Community Health System and Cozad Physical Therapy sponsor this event with proceeds to go to community improvement projects. The run ends at Big E’s Beer Garden for those who wish to participate following the run. Council members approved the license application for Munster.
Council members also approved a City-Wide Spring Clean-up for the week of March 19th.
The last item of New Business was the consideration of the application for membership in the Cozad Fire Department submitted by Scott Mulligan. He is a maintenance mechanic for Cornhusker Energy Chief Ethanol. The Fire Department’s Board of Control had already approved Mulligan’s application and the council members also approved his membership application.
All claims were approved excluding none.
Water Commissioner Dallas Nichols reported that the rest of the concrete had been poured on West 9th Street where the water main had broken. 
Nichols and Jim Johnson will be attending the annual Rural Water Conference in Kearney March 12th – 14th.
Lights Commissioner Britt German reported that his crew has been kept busy trimming trees and doing maintenance on poles.
Wilson Public Library Director Laurie Yocom reported that the library would be closed for spring-cleaning on March 17th. Yocom also expressed concern in regards to damage to the library’s gutters from the snow and ice this winter. 
Police Chief Mark Montgomery reported that last week there were several stolen cars from other municipalities with pursuits ending in Cozad.
Cozad Fire Chief Dan Niles reported that they were getting closer with the rural board on a new pump truck and asked the council to start thinking about what they would do with the old truck and its parts. Niles has received two bids for the new truck.
Mayor Nancy Meyer reported that she had attended the Mutual Finance Organization meeting and that the 1.5 per cent mill levy remained the same and the same officers were re-elected. 
The next regular meeting is scheduled for March 19th at 7:30 p.m. in the Cozad City Office Building.