Trinity Lutheran Church, 205 E. Seventh St., will once again present their Easter gift to the community in a live dramatization of Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting of “The Last Supper.”
Performances are scheduled for 7 p.m. on both March 28 and 29 in Trinity’s sanctuary. The public is invited and no tickets are needed. A social hour follows each performance in the fellowship hall, allowing those attending to meet and greet members involved in the production.
According to the Rev. Rob Kuefner, church pastor and narrator for the production, “This living picture represents the 12 disciples who were attending the Last Supper.”
Da Vinci purposefully chose the moment Jesus said, “One of you will betray me,” to depict the story. In turn each disciple asks, “Is It I?”
Directing the 2018 edition of the pageant will be John Moore, who has been the director of the Trinity production from its beginning. He notes that great care is taken to authenticate the scene. The backdrop is that of the classical Renaissance artwork. The props, costumes and appearances of Jesus and the disciples will mirror a life-size rendition. The actors remain motionless in their poses until they speak.
“The production will be a worship service formatted within a drama,” Moore said. “I don’t think it is an understatement to say these performances will give deep spiritual meaning to the season.”
Moore estimates it took more than 100 individuals to make the initial production successful in 2003, and in the 15 years since he has been assisted annually by nearly 40 other Trinity members. They volunteer their time either as actors, musicians, vocalists, or as stage crew. Others help with costuming and makeup, as ushers and with the social hour.
The pageant is based on the soliloquies of Ernest K. Emurian and is enhanced with Bible passages and musical intervals. “Perhaps the most poignant minutes of the evening,” said Moore, “are when the Apostles serve those who choose to come forward and partake in Communion.”
The cast for this year’s production includes: Gary Petersen as Jesus; Quentin Dailey as James, the Less; Marcus Porath as Matthew; Ron Davey as Nathaniel; Eric Young as James, Brother of John; Steve Gierhan as Andrew; Ross Koch as Thomas; Keith Anderson as Judas;  Mike Thome as Thaddeus; Larry Fisher as Philip; David Steele as John; Charlie Licking as Simon the Zealot; and Blaine Petersen as Peter.