The Cozad Community Schools Board of Education met for a regular meeting on Monday, April 16th.
High School Principal Bill Beckenhauer reported that he had been ‘scouring’ the state for a science teacher the past month. Middle School Principal Brian Regelin expressed concern about the June 1st deadline that CCS has for teachers to get out of their contract, noting that other schools have much earlier deadlines unless a suitable replacement can be found. 
Regelin also highlighted that one person was hired to replace two people on the grounds maintenance and transportation position. “John Smock, a licensed mechanic, is capable of doing work on most of our school vehicles, but it would be a good investment to purchase a hoist to make it easier, safer and more efficient for him as he works,” Regelin explained.
Activities Director Jordan Cudney reported that Head Varsity Girls Basketball Coach Brent Frauen had resigned and that three applicants were to be interviewed this week for the position.
Three CCS instructors appeared with their requests for textbooks for the 2018-2019 school year.
Elementary Music Instructor Erica Wieseler explained the GamePlan music curriculum she had selected. “It is an active music curriculum, contains excellent music literature, has assessment tools and meets National Music Standards and Nebraska Music Standards,” Wieseler said. Total cost is $3,910.00.
High School Vocal Music Instructor Stacie Blackmore requested a collection of books and anthologies she can use to teach festival and contest literature. At the present time, she does not have enough copies of older anthologies and books for contest purposes where five original copies are now needed, one for her, one for her accompanist and one for each of the three judges for large vocal ensembles. Blackmore had also researched a list of reproducible music for vocal solos, duets and choral works and these also come with accompaniment CDs that are needed since the school does not have an accompanist. Cost for Blackmore’s purchase request totaled $891.43.
Ag Instructor/FFA Advisor Rebekah Kraeger requested new materials for the second year of the ag program at Cozad High School. “This year I taught only Intro to Ag and Welding. For Intro to Ag I was able to borrow from other ag instructors while I decided which materials I wanted to purchase,” Kraeger said.
Kraeger requested Agriscience Fundamentals and Applications for next year’s Intro to Ag class as some of its material will overlap into some of my other courses as well as FFA. She also selected Animal Science, Biology and Technology for her Animal Sciences class. The third textbook Kraeger requested was the Wildlife and Natural Resources Management book and the leadership book for her Natural Resource and Ag Leadership class. Total cost for the ag textbooks and workbooks totaled $8,658.10.
Approval was granted for purchase of all of the textbooks & materials requested.
In other business, board members approved sponsoring the Summer Food Service Program in the Cozad Middle School Cafeteria since the high school will be without air conditioning all summer.
Approval was given on the proposal from Beckman, Inc. for Phase One of the asbestos removal in the high school boiler room. Total cost is $33,000. Bids for the boiler room project will be due on May 8th and approved at the May board meeting.
Discussion was held concerning the proposal from VVS, Inc. for security camera installation at the high school. According to Principal Beckenhauer, the server has been updated but the 32 cameras are outdated. The proposal is to add five cameras with ‘360 degree’ cameras to be installed in the office area and the north end of the high school. 
The board members approved the $14,888.96 price tag for the camera installation and update at the high school.
The next board meeting is scheduled for  May 14th.