The Dawson County Commissioners met for a regular meeting on April 17th.
After approving the March 30th minutes, Official’s Receipts were filed as submitted: $5,662.98 County Clerk; $25,772.38 Register of Deeds; $38,051.72 Clerk of District Court and $1,212.50 Surveyor.
Treasurer’s Receipts in the amount of $2,385,203.03 were approved as were Claims totaling $427,416.66.
A resolution was passed for Pinnacle Bank pledging an additional $12,000,000.00 worth of collateral.
Dawson County Sheriff Gary Reiber presented the March crime reports. There were 1,023 total services provided and 1,690 LEC dispatch calls for service during the month.
186 new inmates were booked into the Dawson County Jail with the average daily population being 97.4. 52.7 of these were contract inmates and 44.7 were Dawson County inmates. There were 1,633 inmate days in March, which was up from the 985 days in February. Sheriff Reiber noted that he would be discussing the pricing/rates with Buffalo County officials for their inmates who have ‘issues’ and bring back his findings to the commissioners.
Total revenue for this fiscal year is $1,499,206.58 compared to $1,268,925.39 at this time last year.
Sheriff Reiber also reported that the Nebraska Jail Standards Board had declared the Dawson County Jail fully compliant.
Road Superintendent Mark Christiansen opened gravel bids from Paulsen Inc. and Overton Sand & Gravel.
The bids from Overton Sand & Gravel for Range 19, Townships 9-12; Range 20, Townships 9-12 and Range 22, Township 9 were approved.
Bids from Paulsen Inc. for Range 21, Townships 9012; Range 22, Townships 10-12; Range 23, Townships 9-12, Range 24, Townships 9-12 and Range 25, Townships 9-12 were also approved. Pit prices of $8.25 from both suppliers were accepted.
The commissioners approved the appointment of Deb Egenberger to the Dawson County Visitors Committee to complete the term vacated by June Blauvelt.
The agreement presented at the March 30th meeting regarding the opioid crisis by Brock, Pohlmeier, Reynolds, Korth & Samuelson was rejected by the commissioners.
Deputy County Attorney Jared Dean had conferred with the County Attorney who had advised the county not to enter the agreement that would prove to be an ‘onus’ for them as they do not have enough manpower and would see very little benefit by joining the benefit.
Commissioner Bill Stewart noted that one client has left the CDC Building. “If affordable, it might be a good idea to move the juvenile side of probation over there,” Stewart said. “Lutheran Family Services only wants half of the building and is subleasing some offices,” he continued.
Lexington architect Brad Brandenberg will continue to work with the county on remodeling the CDC as needed in addition to County Clerk Karla Zlatkovsky’s office. The main window of the County Clerk’s office will be moved down away from the ‘hubbub’ of the County Treasurer’s Office, but most likely not until after this year’s elections according to Zlatovsky.
Board members visited and toured the Dawson County Jail.
The Dawson County Board of Equalization met prior to the Commissioners meeting.
Tax Corrections were approved parcels owned by Chauncey Bates, Nanette Bates, Kugler Farms, Huxoll (Ocken) and Huxoll c/o Overton Sand & Gravel.
The next regularly scheduled meetings for the Boards of Equalization and Commissioners are scheduled for Tuesday, May 1st beginning at 8 a.m. in the Commissioners meeting room in the Dawson County Courthouse located in Lexington, Nebraska.