Cozad City Council Approves Paulsen Inc. Bid for Cozad Alley Improvement Project
The Cozad City Council met for a regular meeting on Monday, May 7th.
Bruce Grupe, representing Olsson Associates reported that the bids for the Cozad Alley Improvement project were publicly opened on April 26th.
“The low bid from Paulsen Inc., Cozad of $64,142.86 is 28 percent below the engineer’s estimate with the work scheduled to be substantially completed prior to August 1st,” Grupe explained. The base bid includes paving the alley between 9th Street to the north, Meridian Street to the east, 8th Street to the south and H Street to the West. Work will include the demolition of existing paving, grading, installation of concrete and gravel surfacing and all other associated work.
“Additionally, an alternate bid was received in the amount of $16,804.02, to provide concrete pavement instead of gravel for the parking area,” Grupe continued.
Council members agreed that concrete would be much better for the parking area and allow for more cars to be parked since lines can be painted on the pavement. The council members approved the total bid of $80,946.88 for the project. City Attorney Scott Trusdale pointed out that the money for this project would come from highway allocation money.
Council members also considered the Sewer Extension Plans as submitted by Olsson Associates. To expedite the project, the council was requested to approve the plan and specifications continent upon the Cozad Board of Public Works approval of the same at their meeting scheduled for Tuesday, May 8th.  The project includes the extension of the existing sanitary sewer in 4th Street between M and N Street and its continuation south in N street for approximately 400 feet.
The project is scheduled to begin advertising for bids on May 10th with the bid opening date of May 29th at 2:00 p.m. The estimated range of construction cost is between $40,000 and $65,000 with project completion date being June 29th. The council members approved the sewer extension plans as submitted.
CDC Director Jen McKeone appeared to present an amendment to the Community Development Block Grant. The amendment involves moving CDBG funds from the categories of general administration and housing management to the category of housing rehabilitation in order to assist one more household in the program. Originally the grant was to rehabilitate 10 households and now will be able to complete 12. Council members approved the amendment.
McKeone also urged the council to apply for a $350,000 public works grant that she found out Cozad is eligible to receive. The grant is for water, sewer street paving, drainage and will help houses where there is no pavement such as by the Westside Apartments in Cozad. There is a 25 percent match required for the grant, with the application needing to be submitted by July 30th.  A grant writer from Olsson’s will be hired to write the grant application.
Travis Munster, Big E’s Lounge in Cozad appeared to request special designated liquor licenses for June 16th and June 18th. Munster will be catering a wedding on June 16th and will be providing drinks for the ‘Music Monday’ on June 18th. Munster’s request was approved.
Lisa Bubak, Cozad Elks Club, appeared to request special designated liquor licenses for ‘Music Mondays’ on June 4th and June 11th.  Bubak’s request was also approved.
CDC Director Jen McKeone reported that plans have been finalized for the ‘Music Mondays scheduled for June 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th and July 9th at the ‘green space’ west of the 100th Meridian Museum. 
Live music, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and food service will be provided from 6 – 8 p.m. with other promotional activities planned. The concerts begin at 6 p.m. each Monday.
McKeone, Laura Rody and their two summer interns will be responsible for ascertaining which guests may legally consume alcoholic beverages and check IDs at the entrances to Chipper Hall. The place where alcohol will be served will be contained within a 6’ double row of plastic or wood snow fence material at least 4’ apart. The area to be blocked off includes the corner northeast and southeast corners of Chipper Hall to the northeast and southeast corners of the 100th Meridian Museum from 4 – 9 p.m. on each of the concert dates. 
Security First Bank has given permission to use their electrical outlets and a trailer will be borrowed from Scott Whitten at Zook’s Welding. The city will be providing trash receptacles. Police Chief Mark Montgomery said that no additional police personnel would be hired for the event.
The first Music Monday on June 4th will feature ‘Formerly 3’ and is sponsored by the Cozad Ambassadors. Cozad Development Corporation is sponsoring the June 11th Music Monday featuring Samantha Schutte and Lana Greene. Miles from Dublin is the band on June 18th sponsored by the Cozad Rotary Club and Cozad Tourism is sponsoring Tom Strohmyer & World of Woody on June 25th. The Wilson Public Library will sponsor the final Music Monday on July 9th featuring The String Beans. No alcohol will be available at this concert due to it being a children’s event.
Under Reports, Water Commissioner Dallas Nichols reported that his department had finished the repairs on leaks around town and that on Friday two holes had to be dug in the alley behind Cozad Christian Church due to sewage problems. Nichols also reported that Midlands Construction plans to tap a new water line by the Cozad Sports Complex on Monday, May 14th.
Street Foreman Jimmy Weinmaster reported that they have been busy getting the pool open for the season and spraying weeds. Mayor Nancy Meyer appointed Weinmaster.
Wilson Public Library Director Laurie Yocom reported that Kim Rangel has been hired to replace Kate Carlson and that Arturo Martinez’s last day will be May 31st. Emily Gengenbach will be returning home to work during the summer months.
Cozad Police Chief Mark Montgomery reported that Jimmy Weinmaster had been working on the city’s Tahoe and Weinmaster advised to begin looking for a new one since it has a lot of miles on it.
Emergency Management Director Brian Woldt reported that the fire department had only received 24 ambulance calls during April with 115 received so far in 2018.
Under Citizen’s Comments, Cozad Community Health System CEO Lyle Davis appeared to continue discussion concerning Cozad Care and Rehabilitation Center. Davis had met with Ken Klassmeyer of Klassmeyer Associates regarding the situation, and the center is profitable. It is hoped that a local business or person can be the business manager as is the case in Elwood, Callaway, Nebraska City and other Nebraska towns. 
“We are a hospital district, so we can’t own the care center,” Davis explained. “We need to seek a good management company,” he continued.
The center’s 94 employees missed $100,000 in payroll checks.  The hospital is planning a fundraiser tentatively set for Thursday, May 24th for the employees.
The next regular council meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 21st at 7:30 p.m.