The Cozad City Council and Mayor met for a regular meeting on Monday.
Cozad Development Corporation President Kirk Riley read a letter to the Mayor and council on behalf of the corporation. Six other CDC members and CDC Executive Director Jen McKeone were in attendance for his presentation
“The CDC has made it a priority to ensure that citizens and visitors have an excellent first impression of the community, no matter what part of town they may be in. Recently CDC lost a multi-million-dollar industry because the consultant said, “Cozad does not show well.” “Riley said.
Code Enforcement is one area that the CDC Board wants to emphasize is important to the economic vitality of this community,” Riley continued. “CDC would like to strongly urge the City Council to allocate resources every year in the budget specifically for code enforcement. The CDC wants to be the City’s partner to eliminate slum and blight in Cozad,” Riley said.
Under New Business, Cozad Fire Department President Brett Sassali and fireman Scott Schmidt appeared to request assistance from the council on the Volunteer Responder Incentive Act and their request to the state to simplify the annual application process.
The act provides for a $250 tax credit each year for qualifying members. Cozad has had 17 members complete the six-category spreadsheet the past two years. The first year it was submitted after the deadline and this year it wasn’t received by the February 15th deadline even though mailed in enough time. 
Schmidt has visited with Senator Matt Williams and Lt. Gov. Jon Foley about the situation and asked the council if the applications could be mailed by registered or certified mail in the future and to address the actual legislation. 
City Attorney Scott Trusdale agreed to draft a letter to send to Senator Williams concerning the matter.
In Other Business, a request by Jill Nelsen from Cork and Cap Liquor for a special designated liquor license for the June 25th Music Monday was approved.
Council members also approved the request from Troy Wuehler to block off streets close to American Lutheran Church for his annual free fireworks display for the community on June 29th. Rain date is June 30th. 
The request from Mission to Cozad to use Veteran Memorial Park on Thursday, July 12th from 5 – 9 and extra picnic tables for a special fundraising event for this year’s M2C was also approved.
Larry Harvill, Vice President of the Wilson Public Library Foundation appeared to request permission for the foundation for Phase 1 of the Bronze Garden project.  According to Harvill, “We’ve wanted this sculpture garden ever since the library opened, and the foundation now has enough money to begin this project which will involve additional landscaping and sculptures between the south side of the library abutting the Cozad Post Office,”
Council members gave the library foundation a ‘thumbs up’ to pursue the project.
A resolution was passed appointing Ron Olds as the alternate on the Board of Directors for NMPP ACE.  
Under Reports, Lights Commissioner Britt German reported they have almost completed the alley project.
Water Commissioner Dallas Nichols reported that cement had been poured in the alley behind the Green Apple Café and that the leak on East 6th Street had been repaired.  
“The one inch water tap has been finished for the Cozad Sports Center.
Wilson Public Library Director Laurie Yocom reported that they had received over $1,000 from the State Library Commission for once again receiving silver accreditation. The Summer Reading Program will begin on Monday, June 4th.
Police Chief Mark Montgomery reported that the new pick-up had been ordered and that it needs to go to the outfitter before delivered.
“We have received word that the state is going to require us to go to an electronic citation system which will have a price tag of $3,500 per police vehicle,” Montgomery said. “We hope to receive some grant money for this.”
Councilmember Charlie Block complimented the city workers on their prompt tree removal these past two weeks and asked that a thank you note be sent to Boy Scouts Jacob Engel and Evan Thome for the dugouts they constructed at Bellamy Park for their Eagle Scout projects.
City Attorney Scott Trusdale reported that the city had purchased property on north Meridian Street with the funding assistance of two entities. Work will be completed to improve the appearance of these properties before June.
Hospital Administrator Lyle Davis announced that he had invited Ken Klassmeyer to the hospital board meeting to further discuss the future for Cozad Care and Rehabilitation Center. 
“The Cozad Hospital Foundation and the Wilson Foundation are helping the 94 employees at the care home who still have not received the paycheck that they missed and I would ask that the City consider helping them, too,” Davis said.
CDC Director Jen McKeone introduced her two summer interns from UNL’s Rural Futures Institute, Christy Cooper from Waverly, NE and Shelby Utech from Hubbard, NE. Both will work alongside McKeone and Laura Rody for ten weeks and have a lot of experience with both FFA and 4-H programs.
The next regular meeting for the council is scheduled for Monday, June 4th at 7:30 p.m.