One can celebrate the annual cycles, marked on calendars, remembered in the heart. This is the story of Cozad, Nebraska, 1873. 
THE SEASONS OF DOUBT, written by Jeannie Burt, reflects the pioneers coming to Dawson coujnty to claim their homesteads. One such family is Mary Harrington, her husband and their little boy. They have built their sod house northwest of Cozad, and they celebrate the opportunities of the beautiful Platte River Valley. 
The novel “is in the time of Robert Henri.” Thus, the stories weave together families known throughout the history of Cozad, i.e., Schooley, Claypool, Gatewood, Cozad. 
Jeannie Burt provides in-depth historical recounts of events as the city of Cozad is settled and the peoples are coming from the East, searching this new land. 
With the premier of the book, May 2018, the author compliments those in Cozad, who provided “a history they care about.” Those acknowledged in the book are Marlene Geiger, President, Robert Henri Museum Board of Directors, plus those serving on the Board, including Betty McKeone, Jane Kinnan, Earl Pharris and Bonnie Young, in addition to Della Hendricks and Jan Patterson. 
Dr. Marilyn Peterson was asked to edit the pre-publication edition. In her critique, she said,” THE SEASONS OF DOUBT is the realism of our legacies, whith our generation living the dreams of our ancestors, who came to Nebraska as homesteaders, searching for ‘the better life’.”. 
Marlene Geiger is also referenced. “In her well-researched book, THE SEASONS OF DOUBT, Jeannie Burt captures early Cozad, Nebraska. I had to keep reminding myself, it is a novel, based as it is on historical faces, when John J. Cozad, father of the world-renowned artist Robert Henri, founded our town.”
In a published interview, Jeannie Burt said, “You have to be able to respect the time and what’s happening. Sometimes you hope that a reader might even be able to smell the prairie or the dirt of the earth.”
THE SEASONS OF DOUBT is available for sale at the Henri Museum in Cozad, bookstores and on-line. Visit for additional information. 
“There are moments in our lives, 
there are moments in a day, 
when we seem to see beyond the usual. 
Such are the moments of our greatest happiness. 
Such are the moments of our greatest wisdom.”
—Robert Henri