The Cozad High School Student Council is holding their fourth annual Back 2 School Backpack Supply Project for Cozad students and families that need help with school supplies. 
Donation boxes are available at most Cozad churches with the pick up date scheduled at the end of July.
The following items are needed: crayons (24 count), pencil boxes and bags, headphones or ear buds, wide-ruled spiral notebooks (one subject), watercolor paint sets, loose leaf wide-rule notebook paper, pocket folders (without the center clasps), colored pencils (12 count), Fiskars scissors, pens (blue, black & red), new or gently used backpacks, disinfectant wipes, #2 pencils, dry erase markers (blue and black), rulers cm/inches (clear), Kleenex, divider tabs, glue sticks, Classic Crayola markers, erasers, highlighters, book covers (jumbo size), 3-ring binders and 12 oz. hand sanitizers.
If you would like to donate and have your items picked up, please call Student Council Sponsor Dawn Beans at 308-325-7778 or email her at dawn.beans and a student council member will contact you.