The Cozad City Council met for a regular meeting on Monday, July 23rd with Deputy City Clerk Kelly Peden presiding.
Pastor Susan Sukraw, Cozad Church of the Nazarene, provided the invocation following The Pledge of Allegiance.
Two public hearings were held considering recommendations from the Cozad Planning Commission to amend existing zoning maps in the municipality.
The first involved property owned by Jim and Janet Klein on Maple Street across the street from Natural Escapes. Klein wants to sell the property so it has to be rezoned. Council members approved to amend the existing Zoning Map from Residential-3 to General Commercial.
Council members also approved the Planning Commission’s recommendation to amend the existing Future Land Map from Residential-3 to General Commercial-2 for a property just down the street that has a Special Use Permit at the present time.
Jill Nelsen, Cork & Cap Liquor, appeared to request a Special Designated Liquor License for a wedding reception at Chipper Hall on Saturday, August 25th from 3 p.m. – 12:30 a.m. Nelsen’s request was approved.
Council members authorized Mayor Nancy Meyer to execute a supplemental agreement for Lease Audit No. 228916, Covering Use of Railroad Property. Mayor Meyer explained that this was just an update on the original agreement from 2008 involving the land by the recycle bins south of Highway 30 in Cozad.
Mission to Cozad (M2C) Leader Mike Steinwart’s request to have a fireworks display on Thursday, July 26th for M2C participants was also approved. Troy Wuehler and Greg Hartman, both licensed pyrotechnics will be lighting off the fireworks.
Under Reports, both Water Commissioner Dallas Nichols and Lights Commissioner Britt German reported that they are working on their annual budgets and working on maintenance work.
Wilson Public Library Director Laurie Yocom thanked Britt German and his crew for their assistance at July 20th’s Star Party at the Cozad High School football field. She also thanks Jim Weinmaster and his crew for their help with all of the Music Mondays.
Police Chief Mark Montgomery reported that several NTAs have been served but not too many filed. He expressed appreciation for those who have taken care of their NTAs on vehicles and properties.
Deputy City Clerk Kelly Peden reported that the swimming pool would be closing at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, August 11th.
Cozad Development Corporation Executive Director Jen McKeone appeared to seek the council’s approval in moving forward with the next Owner Occupied Rehabilitation Program grant.
“We will be working with Miller and Associates to secure this $450,000 grant, “McKeone explained.
“We are currently working on our 12th home and there are twenty on the waiting list at CDC for this next round,” McKeone continued.
Mayor Nancy Meyer commented that she has been happy to see the ‘Green Space’ where the former Rialto Theater stood utilized for events this summer. “
There are several items I would like to see added to the ‘Green Space’ in the budget for next year if feasible,” Meyer said.
Mayor Meyer reported that the weeds at the Monroe Auto site had been sprayed and mowed, Steve Gomez is baling them and then the city will spray by the fence.
Finally, Mayor Meyer reminded the council and department heads that budget hearings would begin at 2 p.m. on Monday, July 30th.
The next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday, August 6th beginning at 7:30 p.m.