The Cozad Community Schools Board of Education met for a special meeting at Noon on Monday, August 27th.
Under Consent Agenda Items, Tylyn Haynes was approved for a local substitute-teaching permit. Haynes may substitute for 90 days during the year with the permit.
A Salary Advancement application was approved for new Elementary Guidance Counselor Stephanie Flint. Flint is taking classes to become certified as a guidance counselor.
Under Action Items, approval was granted to make a payment from the Building Fund to Snell Services, Inc. for partial completion of the Boiler Room Mechanical Revisions in the amount of $61,927.56 once certification has been received from Kucirek Engineering.
Superintendent Joel Applegate reported that two people would be coming out to check on this Wednesday. Applegate also reported that the air conditioning is working in most of the high school and that the air conditioning units are being checked in rooms that it is not working.
Applegate also said that the new boilers have arrived but that they are not connected. They will be ready to go by October 15th.
   Board members also approved the transfer of $284,000.00 from the General Fund to Depreciation Fund. Designations for this transfer are as follows: $50,000.00 for textbook replacement; $44,000.00 for bus/vehicle replacement; $25,000.00 for track renovation; $13,000.00 for gym floor; $25,000.00 for heat pumps at the elementary and middle schools; $62,000.00 for roof repair/replacement; $50,000.00 for HVAC; $5,000.00 for band instrument replacement and $10,000.00 for the high school auditorium.
   A transfer of $250.35 from the General Fund to the Lunch Fund for uncollected debts was also approved. 
   District Office Manager Ramona Priel reported that she had been notified by the Nebraska Department of Education that the district couldn’t have any negative balances.
  After having a zero lunch account balance for five days the building where the student attends school is supposed to contact Health & Human Services (HHS). 
   Families are informed of negative balances and given the option to fill out the paperwork for free or reduced lunches,” Priel continued.
   The board members and Superintendent Applegate discussed budget considerations for the 2019-2020 school year.
    “The district is collecting less money at a higher rate and we need to keep an eye on it,” Applegate said. 
    “Our line items cannot be cut much more, and 85 percent of our tax dollars go toward certified staff packages,” Applegate said.
   “We need to talk about insurance premiums and deductibles,” Applegate continued.
   “I think we need to explore other insurance options when we negotiate with the Cozad Education Association,” Starman said. 
   Applegate noted that there are a lot of school districts that only offer insurance for the employee, not their family members.
    Applegate explained that there are comparability studies available from the state available to school boards for setting their budgets.
   A Budget Hearing meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 5th at 6 p.m. A Tax Hearing meeting is schedule one week later on Wednesday, September 12th at 6 p.m.
   All budget hearings must be completed by Thursday, September 20th. 
   The next regular school board meeting is scheduled for Monday, August 17th beginning at 7 p.m.