The rapidly growing population of feral cats was discussed with potential plans for removal at the Cozad City Council Meeting held on Monday evening. 
Recently it has been reported that cats are coming out of the sewer drains in Cozad as well as defecating near store fronts. The cats have also displayed signs of being defensive towards patrons of downtown Cozad. 
Dr. Oliver Holbein and Sara Trumbley, of Cozad Veterinary Clinic presented information and research on the the world-wide problem of controlling the feral cat population. Dr. Holbein mentioned that all around the world, the feral cat populations are being controlled by several different methods that involved the potential trapping of the animals with medical procedures being completed to limit reproduction before they are released as well as ethanizing the animals. 
Cozad Police Chief Mark Montgomery mentioned that there were more than 11 cats on Sunday night in a specific part of downtown at one moment when Law Enforcement personnel responded to a call. 
After an in-depth discussion on the feral cat problem and population, the decision on how to address the issue was tabled for future discussion with City Council members becoming more educated on the material provided by Dr. Holbein on methods to solve the problems. 
There was recently a meeting held to make upcoming Solar Eclipse a celebration type event in downtown Cozad. Cathy Pflaster represented the group that is set to host the Community event on August 21st. The group asked the City Council about the possibility of the closure of some of the downtown streets for the event that will include many fun-filled activities as well. There will be glasses to watch the eclipse for sale as well as food being sold during the event. Funds raised during the event are earmarked for the Meadowlark Pointe expansion project. The City Council approved of the streets closure from approximately 6 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. on a downtown portion of Meridan Street. Light Commissioner Britt German acknowledged that the lights downtown could be turned off at this time for the event. There will be bleacher seating available as well. 
Jen McKeone, the Executive Director of Cozad Development Corporation (CDC) was present at the meeting to seek the approval of the council about new ordinances and activities that to be included in the existing economic development program. A few of the items that were discussed involved the use of Economic Development Sales Taxes for housing activities in Cozad. There was also a new economic development plan introduced that will be voted on in a special election in November.  If the program is approved, the Economic Development Plan would be in place until 2039 before it is brought to the polls again.  There will be a public hearing held on July 10th during the next City Council Meeting to listen to the citizens of Cozad’s concerns or thoughts of the Economic Development Plan. 
There will be a public hearing held on July 10th during the next City Council Meeting to listen to the citizens of Cozad’s concerns or thoughts of the Economic Development Plan. 
The Cozad Elks Club request for a special designated license was approved for a Luau style event with Live Music being played on July 28th. 
Light Commissioner Britt German reported that there are two employees currently at Line School and that they are currently reading meters. German did announce that there are plans to clean up the electricity equipment that was formerly behind the Rialto Theatre. 
Wilson Public Librarian Laurie Yocom informed the council that a second Barn Quilt Class will be held, as the first one is full. The Wilson Public Library received grant money from NASA to host and teach classes to prepare interested patrons about the upcoming Eclipse event. 
Cozad Rescue Unit Chief Travis Lee expressed that the department has been very busy and are on pace for a record setting month that included nine calls this past Saturday. 
Council member Brian Montgomery expressed great praise to the Cozad Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Unit for their prompt response times, as they responded to a recent emergency in just 4.5 minutes. 
All claims were approved and the next scheduled meeting of the Cozad City Council will be July 10th.