Arlington High School history teacher, Barry Jurgensen, is walking across the state of Nebraska to promote awareness for human trafficking and raise funds for local organizations fighting this social injustice. 
“By walking across the great state of Nebraska, we are hoping to bring more committees together to create a joint effort to stop this social injustice. Regular citizens need to stand up against human trafficking, as as all social injustices,” Jurgensen said.  
The walk started on June 2nd in Omaha and will end in Scottsbluff on June 28th. During this time, the 33 year old is sacrificing time away from his wife and two young children. 
“I owe a lot to my wife. She continues to support me and take care of our kids while I am gone,” Jurgensen said.  
In 2014, Jurgensen was named Nebraska History Teacher of the Year by the Nebraska Department of Education.  
In the classroom, Jurgensen’s honors history students research and nominate sites associated with the Underground Railroad to the National Park Service’s Network to Freedom. It was through this work that Jurgensen got inspired to look more into modern slavery, otherwise known as human trafficking. 
“Slavery has been in existence for thousands of years and we continue to relabel it, which has contributed to its continued existence,” Jurgensen said.   
After graduating from Dana College, Jurgensen worked for the National Parks Service, but it was a drive to inspire young people that led him to teaching. 
“I wanted to bring history alive for students, help them learn how to preserve the past, and use that knowledge to improve or give back to our society today,” Jurgensen said. 
During the summer of 2016, Jurgensen walked from Nebraska City to Chicago, retracing the journey of two female freedom seekers from 1858. Through this journey, his efforts raised $27,000 for the Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives, an organization that focuses on promoting human trafficking prevention education in schools. 
“Enough is enough and we, as citizen, can do something about it,” Jurgensen said. “Become informed and take action.”
During Jurgensen’s walk across the state he will be doing a presentations in Dawson County along with the Executive Director of the Central Nebraska Human Trafficking and Immigration Outreach Leticia Bonifas. The public is encouraged to attend a presentation at Parkview Baptist Church in Lexington On June 16th, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. 
Human trafficking is modern-day slavery in which people profit from exploiting others through force, fraud, coercion or deception. The U.S. government has identified human trafficking as the fastest growing criminal industry globally, tied with illegal arms trade at second, with the drug trade in first place.
In 2000, the United States made human trafficking a federal crime with the passage of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA). Nebraska also passed a law in 2006 that made human trafficking illegal, although there are many limitations in the law that make it hard to enforce and prosecute traffickers. This issue matters because of the injustice it causes to those who become victims of this monstrous crime.
 If you would like to donate to an organization that fights human trafficking in Nebraska ease visit the following site. We are walking for several organizations in Nebraska that fight slavery today, please read the description of each and click on their link to donate. - Walk Forever Free 
If you are interested in learning more about what is being done in Dawson County contact Leticia Bonifas, Central Nebraska Human Trafficking And Immigration Outreach at 308-325-2295.
“Piano, Puns and Phun; Two Pea’nists In A Pod.” There will be a special music program on Saturday, June 10th at 4:00 p.m. at First Presbyterian Church in Cozad. Patty Niemann and Diane Harris will be performing. 
This performance is free of charge. A free will offering will be accepted with all proceeds going to the Cozad Food Pantry.
The Petals Garden Club and the Chamber of Commerce in the communities of Cozad and Eustis are co-sponsoring a ‘Yard of the Month’ in each community in the months of July, August and September this summer. 
We ask residents of the communities to nominate yards that they view as being worthy of this honor. Each yard chosen will be recognized with a sign for that month and receive Chamber bucks from their respective towns. 
Nomination forms and boxes to place them will be at Sonny’s and the Cozad Chamber in Cozad and at First Bank & Trust and H& J Grocery in Eustis. 

The Dawson County Commissioners met for a regular meeting on Monday, April 17th.

Official’s Receipts were filed as submitted: $758.01 County Clerk; $6,387.63 Register of Deeds; $14,941.81 Clerk of District Court and $1,320.00 Surveyor. Treasurer’s Receipts in the amount of $2,193,l63.97 were approved. Approval was also granted to approve the claims submitted totaling $339,282.72.

Under Committee Reports, Commissioner Butch Hagan reported that a landfill meeting is scheduled for April 20, 2017 regarding the expansion bid proposal. It is hoped that the expansion will start in October.

Dawson County Sheriff Gary Reiber appeared with the March 2017 crime reports. Reiber noted that crime is somewhat down in the county and that the average daily population in the county jail dropped slightly in March. There were 35 contract inmates booked into the jail and 45 from Dawson County. Total services for the month were slightly up numbering 977. There were 1,641 LEC dispatch calls for service. “Current income for the sheriff’s department is up almost $140,000 from last year,” Reiber reported.

Board Chairman PJ Jacobson and Sheriff Reiber received authorization to sign the contract amendment agreement with CBM, the food service provide for the county jail. Meals will go up from $2.34/meal to $2.39/meal.

Emergency Manager Brian Woldt announced that the asbestos removal bid was awarded to Great Plains Asbestos Control, Kearney, Nebraska. Cost for asbestos removal from the old jail will be $12,100.00.

Woldt was also authorized to bid out the demolition of the old jail with the added verbiage of 95 percent compacted density.
Roads Superintendent Mark Christiansen announced that Tillotson Enterprises had cast the lone bid for the Lexington road shop roof repair with three options available. Everest Systems - $25,882.00; NEOGARD - $30,550.00; Benchmark Coating - $26,573.00.Christiansen recommended the Everest Systems that has a 12 year leak through warranty. Commissioner Hagan agreed to spend the least amount possible since it is hoped that the shop can be relocated in ten years. Motion carried.

Superintendent Christiansen was authorized to seek bids for the Stamm-Williams Bridge in Eddyville. Christiansen had met with the landowners who are in agreement that the bridge needs replaced. The easements are not completed for the project yet and a survey is forthcoming.

The commissioners approved the domestic change of Registered Agent on Dawson County Leasing to County Clerk Karla Zlatkovsky. Zlatovsky will file and submit the Nonprofit Corporation biennial report electronically.

At 8:45 a.m. Chairman Jacobson opened the public hearing regarding sale of part of Lot 2, in Block 37 in the Original Town of Eddyville, Dawson County, NE. No one present spoke against the sale. The commissioners approved to set value of the county owned property in Eddyville at the Assessor assessed value to $240.00. It will be sold at a public auction. The property will then be back on the tax roll and the county will not have to maintain it.

Dan Schwartzkopf, representing the Krull Agency appeared with updated information regarding the county employee health insurance. “Information is gathered through the first nine months of the year (through March) with estimates for the next fiscal year’s insurance premiums to be available in May,” Krull explained.

Prior to the Dawson County Commissioners meeting the Dawson County Board of Equalization met.

A vehicle tax exemption was approved for the Calvary Assembly of God and tax corrections were approved for Danny Lopf, Mark W. Meier, Chris A. Denton and A & R Fouts, Inc.

The next regularly scheduled meetings for the Dawson County Commissioners and Board of Equalization are schedule for Monday, May 1, 2017 at 8:00 a.m. in the Commissioners Room in the Dawson County Courthouse in Lexington, Nebraska.

Attention will focus on the ‘Arabian Nights’ for the 2017 Junior-Senior Prom at Cozad High School on Saturday, April 22nd.

There will be an open house to see the decorations from 1-3 p.m. on Saturday.

The evening festivities will begin when photographs will be taken by Katie Arndt Photography in the CHS Gymnasium from 3-5 p.m. Senior and Junior class pictures will also be taken at 4:20 p.m. and 4:30 p.m., respectively.

There will be a joint Punch Party for Senior and Junior class prom-goers that will be held from 4:30-6 p.m. at the Elks Club.

The traditional ‘Red Carpet Walk’ is scheduled in the CHS Auditorium from 8-9 p.m. Students will enter from the East side of the stage.

A dance will be held from 9 p.m. until 11:30 p.m. with music provided by a DJ will follow, along with coronation of a King and Queen.

Post-Prom events will start at 12 a.m., with a Hypnotist in the Auditorium. Must be present for hypnotist at 12 a.m. in order to attend the rest of the post prom activities. Transportation via bus will be provided for the students to participate in a fun-filled evening at the Big Apple in Kearney.

There will be Cosmic Bowling, Ballocity, mini-golf and Laser Tag. The game room will also be an optional entertainment avenue with no tickets provided.

Snacks and drinks will be provided. There is no charge for attending.