The Cozad Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks Lodge, Number 2250 has selected Cozad’s Garrett Savick and Antonio Stewart of Lexington of as the recipients of the Elks Teens of the Month for March.  
The pair of students have maintained stellar academic portfolios at Cozad and Lexington throughout their high school campaigns. 
Garrett is the son of Teresa Savick. Savick maintains a 3.91 GPA at Cozad High School and currently ranks in the top ten in highest GPA out of the 60 students in the CHS Senior Class. 
Along with being very active in extracurricular activites and student organizations, Garrett excels in the classroom. He has been on the high honor roll throughout his four years at Cozad High School. He has been among the award winners annually in the CCSA Awards in Science, Math, Language Arts and Reading. 
Savick earned the spotlight as the Student Council Student of the Month when he was a freshmen. This past year, he was honored to be the Graduation Herald. Garrett is a three-year member of the Cozad High School Student Council, being elected since his sophomore year. 
During his initial years of high school, Garrett was involved in the Cozad FBLA program. The past two years, Savick has been instrumental in the success of the Cozad High School Play Production team that finished as the Class B State Runner-up this year. 
Garrett Savick was a letterwinner on  the Haymaker football squad as a FreshmAn, Sophomore and Junior. This past year, he was a member of the cross country team at Cozad High School. On the mat, Savick was a letterman for the Haymaker wrestling squad.  He has earned letterwinner status the past three years as a member of the Cozad High School track and field team. 
As a result of his outstanding efforts in the classroom and excellence in extracurricular activities, Garrett was inducted into the Cozad High School National Honor Society as a Junior and he has continued to exceed the requirements of being a member of the elite organization. 
“In the classroom, Garrett is what I consider a definite leader. He asks questions, volunteers answers and shows a strong desire to learn,” expressed Cozad High School English Instructor Jann Kloepping. “This young man is a joy to have in the classroom. He is not afraid of hard work and is always willing to accept a challenge.”
Antonio Stewart is the son of Ron and Patricia Stewart. Antonio maintains a 4.45 GPA while being a very active student in a variety of activities at Lexington High School. 
Stewart has earned accolades from the Destination Graduation program since his freshman year while being on the All A’s list the past two years. 
Antonio is currently the Senior Class Vice President and a member of the National Honor Society.
As a member of the band at Lexington, he has earned lettermen status all four years. 
Excelling on the football field, Stewart has been a letterwinner the past two years. Antonio lettered in golf as a sophomore as well. 
“Antonio is pragmatic, prespicacious and confident,” expressed LHS Chemistry teacher Crystal Klein. “He has outstanding academic ability and superior leadership skills,” she continued.
The Dawson County Commissioners met for a regular meeting on Thursday, March 1st.
Treasurer’s Receipts in the amount of $339,095.73 were approved as submitted. Total Claims in the amount of $1,139,086.89 were also approved as presented.
Under Committee Reports, Chairman Dean Kugler reported that he had sat in on the auditor’s exit review and that it had gone very well. “Dawson County Clerk Karla Zlatkovsky is taking care of the small items noted in the review, and overall it was another good audit,” Kugler commented.
Chief Deputy Sheriff Mike Hudson open two bids for three new patrol cars for his department. Two of these are to be used to replace two canine patrol cars.
Platte Valley Auto Mart, Lexington submitted a bid for three 2018 Ford Explorers for $114,160 less a trade-in for three vehicles for $15,000 for a total bid of $99,160. Pony Express Chevrolet submitted a bid for three 2018 Chevrolet Tahoes for $116,770 less trade-ins of $8,000, $7,000 and $6,000 (total of $21,000) for a total of $95,770.
Hudson reviewed the bids and returned to the meeting with his recommendation to purchase two Ford Explorers from Platte Valley Auto Mart and one Chevrolet Tahoe from Pony Express Chevrolet.  
“I would prefer the Explorers for the two canine vehicles since they sit closer to the ground and are easier on the dog’s hips when they jump in,” Hudson explained.
A motion was made and seconded to purchase two Ford Explorers and one Chevrolet Tahoe.
The commissioners then realized that the two bidders may not be in agreement with this arrangement and a motion was made and seconded to rescind and table the         approval to modify bids until both bidders had been contacted to split the bids as proposed.
CASA (Community Action Stops Abuse) Director Kellie Draper appeared to present a request for a raise for CASA Executive Director Linda Shaw.
Shaw was promoted to this position in 2012, but has remained on the pay scale for her previous CASA position as Volunteer Coordinator. 
In 2012 her hourly wage was $12.04 and she served 39 children. 
Draper’s proposal was to raise Shaw’s current wage from $15.04/hour to $17.84 per hour retroactive to February 1, 2018. A motion was made, seconded and passed to approve Draper’s proposal.
Draper also presented the Program Director’s Report from January 1, 2017 – December 31, 2017.
The CASA Program received 79 new children referrals during 2017.  73 cases were closed with 57 of the children being reunited with their families, six being adopted and five entering a guardianship.
38 CASA volunteers, who accumulated 1,536 hours and traveled 19,671 miles to serve their assigned child/children, attend team meetings and court hearings served these 79 children.
CASA is currently serving 85 children compared to 75 children a year ago at this time. Volunteers number 38 compared to 28 a year ago.
A Special Designated Liquor License was approved for Mac’s Creek Vineyards for the Johnson Lake Trails St. Patrick’s Run & Ride at Medo’s Resort on March 17th.
A public hearing took place regarding the 1 & 6-year road plan. Road Superintendent Mark Christiansen explained that there are 11 projects on the 1-year plan and an additional nine projects on the 6-year plan. Included in the 1-year plan are seven concrete overlay projects, two box culvert projects and two bridge/box culvert projects.
Discussion took place on several items including whether or not to go with asphalt or concrete on some of the projects. “Asphalt is cheaper but concrete has a much longer lifespan,” noted Commissioner Butch Hagan.
The board advised Christiansen to request bids for both asphalt and concrete for the roads. It is hoped that work could begin on the roads by this fall.
A resolution was passed to approve the 1 & 6-year plan as presented.
A resolution concerning County Attorney Petty Cash was approved. This was a result of the annual audit and is how the state handles its petty cash, decreasing it from $800 down to $650.
The final item of business was made to write off the GIS agreement amount of $1,750.00 from December 20, 2011.
The Board of Equalization met prior to the Commissioners meeting. 
Tax Corrections were approved for personal property for Chief Ethanol Fuels, Inc., and James T. Brennan and for parcels owned by Ricky L. Love and Jeffrey M. Kennedy.
Vehicle exemptions were approved for two newly purchased 2017 Ford Cutaway owned by RYDE Transit – Community Action Partnership of Nebraska.
The next regularly scheduled meetings for the Dawson County Board of Commissioners and the Board of Equalization are scheduled for Thursday, March 15th beginning at 8:00 a.m. in the Commissioners Room in the Dawson County Courthouse located in Lexington, Nebraska.
Every vote is going to count in the TRIBUNE-Area as there are many highly contested races in the upcoming 2018 Election, as the deadline to become a candidate has now passed. 
For Dawson County races, the contested race that comes to the forefront is for County Sheriff where Ken Moody of Gothenburg and Mike Hudson of Cozad are the candidates to fill the vacancy as a result of current Sheriff Gary Reiber stepping down from the position. 
Running uncontested in Dawson County four year term positions are incumbents: John Phillip Moore (Assessor), Elizabeth Waterman (Attorney), Karla Zlatkovsky (Clerk), Becky Boryca (Clerk of the District Court), Bill Stewart (Commissioner District II), Dennis Rickertsen (Commissioner District III), Dian Lauby (Register of Deeds), Mark Streit (Surveyor) and Victoria Clements (Treasurer). 
In the City of Cozad, incumbents: Deb Leahy (East Ward) and Brian Montgomery (West Ward) refiled to be voted onto the City Council. 
Cozad Mayor Nancy Meyer has refiled for her current position A trio of challengers: Marcus Kloepping, Audie Taylor and Bob Anderson have all filed for the position of mayor of Cozad as well. 
In Gothenburg the incumbents have refiled to fill their current positions with Jay Richeson (East Ward), Verlin Janssen (West Ward) and Joyce Hudson (Mayor) all being listed on the ballot. 
For the City of Lexington there are currently three positions coming up for re-election. Incumbents John Salem and John Fagot are both looking to be re-elected for their four year terms. Incumbent Steve Smith is the lone person to file for the two-year term opening. 
There are currently three open seats on the Cozad Community Hospital Foundation Board with Incumbent Al Svajgr refiling along with new candidates Bill Wilkinson and Cindy Finnegan looking to be elected. 
For the Lexington Regional Hospital Board there are two openings with a pair of incumbents: Kenneth Harbison and Amber Ackerson both refiling for their seats. 
There are three openings on the Cozad Community Schools Board of Education with a pair of incumbents John Peden and Edd Albrecht being joined by Kiley Goff and Judy Eggleston as the candidates. 
Gothenburg Public Schools has three openings on their School Board with all three incumbents: Jon Hudson, Devin Brundage and Nathan Wyatt looking to be re-elected. 
The Lexington Board of Education has three openings with a pair of incumbents: Roger Reutlinger and Travis Maloley being joined by candidate Garth Mins to be members of the School Board. 
Looking to fill six year terms as elected members of their local Airport Authorities are many individuals. In Cozad there are two positions up for election, Roger Clark and Rodney Donner are both incumbents that refiled for their positions. For Gothenburg there are two positions open, Dave Collins is an incumbent that refiled whereas Kyle Beyea is a new candidate for the position.  Jason Lawless was the lone individual to file for the Lexington Airport Authority position. 
There are many contested races to elected positions within the TRIBUNE-Area, so stay tuned to future issues of the Tri-City Tribune to learn more about the candidates. 
The Cozad City Council and Mayor met for a regular meeting on March 5th.
Jen McKeone, Cozad Development Corporation Executive Director provided the council with an update on the current Community Development Block Grant that is providing rehabilitation grants for owner occupied households.
“This $297,000 grant has been good for the community,” McKeone shared with those in attendance. “Originally the intent was to help ten households, but since one came in under budget we were able to help eleven,” she explained. “Ten homes are complete with the eleventh one in progress and we may be able to squeeze out enough money to do one additional home,” she added.
“I realize that this has involved mountains of paperwork for City Clerk Susan Kloepping, but this is a very satisfying grant project and I want to express my thanks to all of you for applying and following through with this grant,” McKeone continued.
“There are eight on a waiting list for the next grant that the city may apply for in a year,” McKeone concluded.
Under New Business, Linda Mann appeared to request council approval to renew her maintenance care contract for the upcoming year. Mann takes care of Veteran’s Memorial Park and the Russell Jensen Memorial at Muny Park.  In addition to weeding Mann fertilizes, trims and sprays as needed. 
Council members renewed her monthly contract of $125/month throughout the calendar year for a total of $1,500.
Travis Munster, Owner of Big E’s Lounge appeared to request a special designated liquor license for the 2nd Annual Cozad Downtown Runaround scheduled for March 31st. Cozad Community Health System and Cozad Physical Therapy sponsor this event with proceeds to go to community improvement projects. The run ends at Big E’s Beer Garden for those who wish to participate following the run. Council members approved the license application for Munster.
Council members also approved a City-Wide Spring Clean-up for the week of March 19th.
The last item of New Business was the consideration of the application for membership in the Cozad Fire Department submitted by Scott Mulligan. He is a maintenance mechanic for Cornhusker Energy Chief Ethanol. The Fire Department’s Board of Control had already approved Mulligan’s application and the council members also approved his membership application.
All claims were approved excluding none.
Water Commissioner Dallas Nichols reported that the rest of the concrete had been poured on West 9th Street where the water main had broken. 
Nichols and Jim Johnson will be attending the annual Rural Water Conference in Kearney March 12th – 14th.
Lights Commissioner Britt German reported that his crew has been kept busy trimming trees and doing maintenance on poles.
Wilson Public Library Director Laurie Yocom reported that the library would be closed for spring-cleaning on March 17th. Yocom also expressed concern in regards to damage to the library’s gutters from the snow and ice this winter. 
Police Chief Mark Montgomery reported that last week there were several stolen cars from other municipalities with pursuits ending in Cozad.
Cozad Fire Chief Dan Niles reported that they were getting closer with the rural board on a new pump truck and asked the council to start thinking about what they would do with the old truck and its parts. Niles has received two bids for the new truck.
Mayor Nancy Meyer reported that she had attended the Mutual Finance Organization meeting and that the 1.5 per cent mill levy remained the same and the same officers were re-elected. 
The next regular meeting is scheduled for March 19th at 7:30 p.m. in the Cozad City Office Building.