The Cozad Community Schools Board of Education met for a regular meeting on Monday, April 16th.
High School Principal Bill Beckenhauer reported that he had been ‘scouring’ the state for a science teacher the past month. Middle School Principal Brian Regelin expressed concern about the June 1st deadline that CCS has for teachers to get out of their contract, noting that other schools have much earlier deadlines unless a suitable replacement can be found. 
Regelin also highlighted that one person was hired to replace two people on the grounds maintenance and transportation position. “John Smock, a licensed mechanic, is capable of doing work on most of our school vehicles, but it would be a good investment to purchase a hoist to make it easier, safer and more efficient for him as he works,” Regelin explained.
Activities Director Jordan Cudney reported that Head Varsity Girls Basketball Coach Brent Frauen had resigned and that three applicants were to be interviewed this week for the position.
Three CCS instructors appeared with their requests for textbooks for the 2018-2019 school year.
Elementary Music Instructor Erica Wieseler explained the GamePlan music curriculum she had selected. “It is an active music curriculum, contains excellent music literature, has assessment tools and meets National Music Standards and Nebraska Music Standards,” Wieseler said. Total cost is $3,910.00.
High School Vocal Music Instructor Stacie Blackmore requested a collection of books and anthologies she can use to teach festival and contest literature. At the present time, she does not have enough copies of older anthologies and books for contest purposes where five original copies are now needed, one for her, one for her accompanist and one for each of the three judges for large vocal ensembles. Blackmore had also researched a list of reproducible music for vocal solos, duets and choral works and these also come with accompaniment CDs that are needed since the school does not have an accompanist. Cost for Blackmore’s purchase request totaled $891.43.
Ag Instructor/FFA Advisor Rebekah Kraeger requested new materials for the second year of the ag program at Cozad High School. “This year I taught only Intro to Ag and Welding. For Intro to Ag I was able to borrow from other ag instructors while I decided which materials I wanted to purchase,” Kraeger said.
Kraeger requested Agriscience Fundamentals and Applications for next year’s Intro to Ag class as some of its material will overlap into some of my other courses as well as FFA. She also selected Animal Science, Biology and Technology for her Animal Sciences class. The third textbook Kraeger requested was the Wildlife and Natural Resources Management book and the leadership book for her Natural Resource and Ag Leadership class. Total cost for the ag textbooks and workbooks totaled $8,658.10.
Approval was granted for purchase of all of the textbooks & materials requested.
In other business, board members approved sponsoring the Summer Food Service Program in the Cozad Middle School Cafeteria since the high school will be without air conditioning all summer.
Approval was given on the proposal from Beckman, Inc. for Phase One of the asbestos removal in the high school boiler room. Total cost is $33,000. Bids for the boiler room project will be due on May 8th and approved at the May board meeting.
Discussion was held concerning the proposal from VVS, Inc. for security camera installation at the high school. According to Principal Beckenhauer, the server has been updated but the 32 cameras are outdated. The proposal is to add five cameras with ‘360 degree’ cameras to be installed in the office area and the north end of the high school. 
The board members approved the $14,888.96 price tag for the camera installation and update at the high school.
The next board meeting is scheduled for  May 14th.
  The friends of Ken and Connie Rigler of Callaway are planning a benefit meal and silent auction to assist with medical and travel expenses on Sunday, April 22, from 4:00 – 7:00 p.m. at the Callaway Community Center.
  Ken Rigler has multiple myeloma, which is a cancer of the bone marrow.  Part of his treatment requires weekly trips to UNMC in Omaha.
  Ken and Connie are longtime residents of Callaway. They were both educators in the Callaway Public Schools. Ken coached football and wrestling for many of his years at Callaway High School.  Ken later taught and coached at Gothenburg Public Schools, just retiring this past spring.
  For more information please contact Suzanne Wendorff in Callaway at 870-2110 or Jenny Daup in Gothenburg at 529-3789.
  The time is right to participate in the 24th Annual American Cancer Society Relay For Life of Dawson County.  Teams, individual participants and cancer survivors may go to to register. The countywide event is fast approaching on Friday, June 22, at Veterans Memorial Park in Cozad. Festivities begin at 6 p.m. and will wrap up at midnight.
  A spellbinding theme of “A Cure Is A Magical Thing” promises an evening of local wizardry aimed at making cancer disappear forever.  Deejay Steve Cloutre of North Platte returns for an encore performance and will charm the crowd with his fun and energetic entertainment. The event also will feature a survivor meal and fun activities throughout the evening.
  Event Chairperson Reuben Hoff of Cozad is eager to see the magic of Dawson County’s cancer fighting communities. “I believe that every person who is fighting cancer, been newly diagnosed, fought the battle and won or lost is either giving or has given a touch of magic to someone,” Hoff said. “Only this magic is that of love and hope that makes ones spirit want to keep on fighting to see what another day will bring. To keep on fighting until that day that no matter the type of cancer we can simply wave the wand and it will be gone to never been seen again. So that we can all experience a magical life where cancer no longer holds the fear of a death sentence but yet is treated just as easily as the common cold.”
  The next Relay For Life of Dawson County meeting for committee members, team captains and all interested individuals will be Tuesday, May 1, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. at the Cozad Library. Plan to attend to be prepared for the June 22 event.
  Relay For Life is the American Cancer Society’s national fundraising activity. Teams of eight to 15 members gather to participate in the largest fundraising walk in the nation. Relay For Life unites friends, families, businesses, hospitals, schools and churches… people from all walks of life. Teams host fundraisers prior to the Relay, all with the goal of supporting a cure for cancer.
  The event raises awareness about the progress against cancer while also raising funds to fight the disease. Individuals who are willing to give their time and energy to this community event, as a volunteer or as a participant, have made a commitment to fight back against cancer.
  For more information about the event or to volunteer, contact Hoff at 308-325-1314. To learn more about the American Cancer Society’s research, prevention, advocacy, patient services, and early detection programs, call 1-800-227-2345 or visit

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 10.37.07 AM.png

Dawson County native Gabrielle Harwood has opened Salon Meraki 222 at 746 Meridian in Cozad.
Meraki is a Greek word meaning to put your whole self into what you do. 222 means ‘total bliss’.
Harwood was born in Gothenburg, spent part of her childhood in Cozad and graduated from Overton High School in 2012. She is the granddaughter of Walt and Stephanie Snyder of Cozad and credits them for helping her start her business and for all of their advice past and present.
Harwood graduated from Xenon Academy of Cosmetology in Grand Island in 2013. She then visited in New York City for additional schooling where she worked alongside Ammon Carver and Daniel Roldan.
In 2014 she and her fiancée’ Kelley Clark moved to Elwood and she worked in Lexington at V-Mans. Clark, a diesel mechanic in Lexington and Harwood were married on October 21, 2014 and purchased a house in Cozad in May 2015. She worked at Meadowlark Pointe in Cozad.
The couple has one son, Zaylen who was born in November of 2015. 
Harwood has been searching for a building in Cozad since 2015 and was thrilled when the opportunity to purchase the former Reflections/Boss Tattoos building became available.
Harwood completed the remodeling and redecorating of the building herself with the exception of the electricity and plumbing. A highlight of the building’s interior is the hair station area made from several different wooden palettes.  Several walls are painted burgundy that is Harwood’s favorite color and also is in memory of her late aunt, Delores Fredricksen.
When asked if she always wanted to become a cosmetologist, she replied: “Yes, I did and I remember sneaking my siblings into the bathroom to cut their bangs at very early age.”
Harwood has truly poured her heart and soul into her salon and has even bigger plans for the future.
Photographer Elizabeth Walters, of Studio Walters has an area for portraits in the building. Walter’s husband, Jeremy is the art teacher at Eustis-Farnam Public School and has his artwork displayed throughout the interior of her salon.
Aesthetician Amanda Molina has a private room and is open on Mondays, Thursdays and every other Saturday. Molina provides facials and body waxes.
Nickole Zook will also be occupying a private room and will be available for spray tan appointments in the near future.
Harwood also plans to open a ‘nail area’ with manicures and pedicures and hopes to hire a second stylist.
“I plan to keep rental at a very reasonable price for everyone in the salon so that each one of us is successful,” Harwood noted.
The upstairs is another area that Harwood would like to remodel and rent out for birthday parties, bridal showers and other celebrations.
One amenity available at the salon is the table with coffee, water, lemonade and homemade goodies suggested by Grandpa Walt.
Salon Meraki 222 is open on Mondays from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m., Tuesdays – Fridays from 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. or by appointment.
Harwood may be contacted by calling (308) 455-0918 or by emailing her at
The Cozad City Council met for a regular meeting on Monday, April 9th. 
Terry Galloway, representing the firm Almquist, Maltzahn, Galloway & Luth presented the 2016-17 fiscal audit. The audit was acknowledged and filed accordingly.
Cozad Development Corporation Executive Director Jen McKeone led a public hearing to obtain public comment prior to the review and consideration of two proposed amendments to the redevelopment plan, including two specific redevelopment projects. Both of these projects involve seed corn companies who were ready to begin at the end of October and are adding a significant investment to their properties.
“I didn’t want for them to have to wait for six months to begin construction but told them they would be at risk for some utility and infrastructure costs,” McKeone explained.
Both projects will receive their tax-free increments each year after taxes are paid.
Council members approved the two resolutions dealing with the review of the Redevelopment Plan, the review of the Cost Benefit Analysis and the CRA’s (Community Redevelopment Authority) recommendation of the projects. They also authorized the CRA to enter into the Redevelopment Agreement and Resolution authorizing the CRA to enter into the Redevelopment Agreement and to take all actions contemplated in the Agreement, including the issuance of Tax Increment Financing. Finally, the Redevelopment Agreement and resolutions presented as reviewed and recommended by the CRA were approved.
Under New Business, Bruce Grupe, P.E. with Olsson Associates appeared concerning the Cozad Alley Improvement between Avenue H and Meridian Avenue. Olsson Associates requested the approval of the plans and specifications for the alley improvement between Avenue H and Meridian Avenue from 8th Street to 9th Street and that the Council set a bid date for April 26th.They also want to advertise for the bids starting on April 12th. The estimated range of construction cost for the project is between $65,000 and $100,000 with the bids to be opened on April 26th. Project completion date has been set for August 15th. According to Grupe, the project includes the widening of the existing alley pavement from 11 feet wide to 18 feet wide. In the south half of the alley the project proposes to pave approximately 958 square yards of the existing parking area abutting the west side of the alley. “Additionally, the plans propose to construct a gravel parking area abutting the west side of the northern half of the project. An alternate bid is included to pave this parking area that would provide 16 parking stalls when completed,” Grupe shared. “Signage to indicate the alley as ‘One Way’ from north to south is also to be included in the bid,” Grupe continued. Council members approved the plans and specifications and to advertise as needed.
Council members also approved the claims excluding none.
Under Reports, Water Commissioner Dallas Nichols reported that his crew is getting caught up and are waiting on cement to complete a project on East 13th Street. He also noted that the BPW Board had approved the first phase of getting a sewer out by the Hunkes. “We’ve experienced some problems with the water line out by the racquet ball club,” Nichols lamented. “We’ve already spent $2,500 for boring and now need to hire someone to ‘dewater’ and an excavator to complete this project which will bring the total price to at least $10,000.”
Lights Commissioner Britt German reported that his crew has been keeping busy changing out poles. On Saturday they spent the day changing out transformers.
Wilson Public Library Director Laurie Yocom reported that the new lights had been installed and that it is much brighter in those areas. 
“Joel Pflaster is going to turn in the rebates and we should see a savings in our monthly bill,” Yocom said.
Yocom thanked BJ Steinwart and Scott Hergenrader for putting in vents to deal with a circulation problem and thanked Brian Woldt for his well-attended weather emergency program on March 28th.
Police Chief Mark Montgomery reported that the police department has been keeping very busy. 
“We had a stabbing incident last Friday involving two teenaged boys and we’re really seeing a rise in drug activity this last eight weeks,” Montgomery reported. 
“We’ve received lots of calls involving the use of methamphetamine and cocaine and heroin are coming back,” according to Montgomery.
Montgomery praised his department and their diligent efforts with special note made of the officers who are working on big, long cases.
“Please keep a positive attitude as we work on the drug and clean-up issues in our community,” Montgomery concluded.
Under Citizen’s Comments, Cozad Community Health System CEO Lyle Davis appeared.
“Our policemen are busting their tails and I encourage them to keep it up,” Davis commented.
“We all need to step up and clean up this drug issue in our community and surrounding communities,” Davis went on to say.
Davis’s main reason for addressing the council was in regards to the texts and phone calls he began receiving three weeks ago concerning the Cozad Care and Rehabilitation Center. “Several residents have asked me if the hospital could purchase the property, but hospitals are getting rid of care homes because they lose money on them,” Davis explained. “I am concerned about the 94 jobs and the 85 residents at our facility. Prior to Skyline taking over our facility it was a profitable business and I want the city to keep an open mind as all of this plays out. ”
Davis had visited with Cozad Care & Rehabilitation Center CEO Barry Emerson who had told him an audit was underway and every attempt is being made to stabilize the situation with Medicare and insurance money still coming in. “I’m just asking the council to be prepared to be at the table to talk about keeping it open and protecting it,” Davis concluded.
City Clerk Susan Kloepping reported that the Dawson County Board of Zoning Regulations committee would be meeting at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, April 17th.
Mayor Nancy Meyer lauded Cozad linesmen on National Linesman Day that was celebrated on April 9th.
Mayor Meyer also made note that the Tree City Recognition Day is scheduled in North Platte on Tuesday, April 17th.
At 9:05 p.m. the Mayor and council members entered into executive session by request of City Attorney Scott Trusdale to discuss a lawsuit.
The next regular meeting for the council is scheduled for Monday, April 23rd at 7:30 p.m.