Despite the less than ideal conditions, the results heated up the crowd during the first outdoor meet of the season for the competitors from Lexington and Cozad that challenged for supremacy at the Hastings Tiger Invitational on Friday afternoon.
The Lexington girls and boys both finished in the runner-up position in the team races with 94 and 99 points, second only to the Northwest girls scoring 110.5 and the Vikings boys racking up 142.5 points. 
Lexington’s Madison Smith and Ajack Waikur were the lone TRIBUNE-Area tracksters to finish with three individual gold medal winning performances.
 Smith got her day started off right by going deep to the tune of 16’11.75” in the long jump to win her first gold medal of the day. Madison would then burn up the cinders to win the 400 meter dash with a time of 59.4 seconds. In the 200 meter dash, Smith was the  the victor by breaking the tape in 25.8 seconds. 
Smith finished off her day by anchoring the gold medal winning 1600 meter relay for Lexington that completed the four exchanges to win with a time of 4:15. 
Saying that Minuteman Ajack Waikur was dominant in the jumping events would be an understatment, as he won the long jump, triple jump and high jump competitions. Waikur ruled the roost in the sand by stretching past 21’4” to win the long jump and past 45’8” to win the triple jump. To finish off his field events strong, Waikur soared over 6’2” to win the high jump. 
Lady Haymaker Kennedy Berreckman started off her season not missing a beat by clearing 5’0” in the high jump to win the championship crown for the Red and Black. 
Close behind Berreckman was Lexington’s Hana Brock with a jump of 5’0” to earn the bronze medal as a result of earlier misses in the competition. Brock also was able to stretch past 34’4” to step to the top of the medal stand and win the gold in the triple jump. Brock also was third overall in the long jump with a top effort of 15’8.5”. 
In the high jump, Lexington’s Jackie Ostrom had a notable day with a fifth place winning leap of 4’6”. 
The Lady Haymaker quartet of Katelyn Calhoun, Margaret McGinnis, Abigail Nelson and Ashley Burkholder combined to circle the oval eight times to win gold with a time of 11:06. 
In the shortest relay of the day, the Cozad foursome of Brittney Aitken, Carissa Jensen, Kenzie Lee and Jercey Irish was second overall in 52.6 seconds. Lexington was fourth overall with a time of 53.8 seconds. 
Flexing her muscle in the throwing events, Minutemaid Maddi Sutton was the champion in the discus by spinning the platter past the 125’1” mark. A trio of Lady Haymakers scored big for the Red and Black in the discus as they finished third, fourth and fifth overall. Sydney Lindstedt (111’11”), Sadie Rush (111’4”) and Grace Cargill (106’11”) earned hardware for their efforts. 
In the shotput, Sutton scored a silver medal for the Minutemaids with a top effort of 34’7.25”. 
Using his speed to scorch the cinders, Dalton Schumacher of Lexington was the fastest to turn and burn in the 200 meter dash with, by breaking the tape in 23.4 seconds. In the 100 meter dash, Schumacher was able to lean at the line to earn the runner-up honors in 11.2 seconds. 
Having a great day in the sprints for Cozad with a pair of bronze medal finishes was Evan McCrickard in the 100 and 200 meter dashes with clockings of 11.5 and 24.1 seconds, respectively. 
Lexington’s Jairo Alvarez was fifth overall in the 100 meter dash with a time of 11.6 seconds. 
Putting in the most mileage, Minuteman Yanni Vasquez competed in the 1600 and 3200 meter runs. In the 1600, Vasquez was the silver medalist (4:54) and fourth overall in the eight lap affair. 
Lexington’s Nick Saiz was the silver medalist in the quarter-mile with a time of 53.5 seconds in the 400 meter dash. 
To finish his day in fine fashion, Saiz joined forces with Jairo Alvarez, Ajack Waikur and Kaleb Carpenter to finish second overall in the 1600 meter relay with a time of 3:40. 
Showcasing stellar speed, the Haymakers quartet of Miguel Gurerrero, Matthew Schuster, Noah Morales and Evan McCrickard combined to carry the baton around the oval in 47.3 seconds in the 400 meter relay. 
Doing their best to conquer the timbers, Klair Fagot was the bronze medalist in the 100 meter hurdles for Lexington in 17.3 seconds. 
Hanna Wright of Cozad was close behind Fagot by stopping the watch in 17.7 seconds to finish fifth. In the longest hurdle race of the day, Wright was third overall in 52.8 seconds. 
On the flipside, Fernando Arias of Lexington was fourth overall in the 110 meter high hurdles. 
Showing great strength and explosion in the ring, Ethan Woehrle of Lex finished in third place in the shotput with a top throw of 41’5.75”. Josh Stallbaumer of Cozad was fifth overall by launching the ironball past the 39’6.5” mark. 
In the longest running event of the day, the Maids and Lady Haymakers both scored with Jessica Virgilio finishing in fourth (14:19) and Cozad’s Margaret McGinnis crossing the stripe in 14:39 to finish fifth overall. 
Girls Team Standings
Northwest 110.5; Lexington 94; Holdrege 87; Hastings 85; Cozad 56.5; Doniphan-Trumbull 49.5; Broken Bow 43.5. 
Individual Events
-- Long Jump: 1. Madison Smith (LX) 16’11.75”; 5. Kenzie Lee (CZ) 15’1.75”; 6. Kennedy Berreckman (CZ) 15’1.25”; Brenna Dugan (CZ) 14’3.75”; Katie Spaulding (CZ) 12’10”. 
-- Triple Jump: 1. Hana Brock (LX) 34’4”; Courtney Hanson (LX) 31’6.5”; Jackie Ostrom (LX) 31’2”; Katie Spaulding (CZ) 29’2.5”. 
-- High Jump: 1. Kennedy Berreckman (CZ) 5’0”; 3. Hana Brock (LX) 5’0”; 5. Jackie Ostrom (LX) 4’6”; Abigail Nelsen (CZ) 4’6”. 
-- Pole Vault: 1. Sierra Schemper (HOL) 9’6”; Makenzie Johnson (LX) 7’6”.
-- Shotput: 1. Cassidy Connell (HOL) 38’10.25”; 2. Maddi Sutton (LX) 34’7.25”; 6. Mallory Olmstead (LX) 32’7”; Ellie Stallbaumer (CZ) 32’5.5”; Jennifer Sanchez (LX) 30’2.25”; Sydney Lindstedt (CZ) 29’10.25”; Jennifer Nava (LX) 29’8”; Grace Cargill (CZ) 26’10.5; Addy Hergenrader (CZ) 26’6.5”;
-- Discus: 1. Maddi Sutton (LX) 125’1”; 3. Sydney Lindstedt (CZ) 111’11”; 4. Sadie Rush (CZ) 111’4”; 5. Grace Cargill (CZ) 106’11”; Karly Huerta (LX) 94’8”; Mallory Olmstead (LX) 88’4”; Johanna Jimenez (LX) 85’0”; Addy Hergenrader (CZ) 73’0”. 
-- 100 Meter Hurdles: 1.Sydney Simmons (NW) 16.8; 3. Klair Fagot (LX) 17.3; 5. Hanna Wright (CZ) 17.7; Brenna Dugan (CZ) 17.8; Olivia Morales (LX) 18.9. 
-- 300 Meter Hurdles: 1. Lindsay Schauda (BB) 50.5; 3. Hanna Wright (CZ) 52.8; Jackie Ostrom (LX) 53.2; Klair Fagot (LX) 54.3; Olivia Morales (LX) 55.9; Makenna White (CZ) 58.8. 
-- 100 Meter Dash: 1.Kaylee Kadow (HAS) 12.5; 5. Brittney Aitken (CZ) 13.1; 6. Jercey Irish (CZ) 13.1; Kenzie Lee (CZ) 13.5; Makenzie Johnson (LX) 13.6; Carissa Jensen (CZ) 13.7; Klair Fagot (LX) 13.7; Hana Brock (LX) 14.0; Isis Ramirez (LX) 16.0. 
-- 200 Meter Dash: 1. Madison Smith (LX) 25.8; 6. Jercey Irish (CZ) 27.8; Mollie Rowe (LX) 28.2; Kenzie Lee (CZ) 28.8; Brittney Aitken (CZ) 28.8; Carissa Jensen (CZ) 29.0; Makenzie Johnson (LX) 29.7. 
-- 400 Meter Dash: 1. Madison Smith (LX) 59.4; 6. Courtney Hanson (LX) 1:08; Abigail Nelsen (CZ) 1:11; Hailey Wilson (CZ) 1:13. 
-- 800 Meter Run: 1. Sydney Reed (HOL) 2:33; Magaret McGinnis (CZ) 2:46; Paola Romero (LX) 2:50; Katelyn Calhoun (CZ) 2:50; McKenna Kiburz (LX) 2:52; Ally Shotkoski (CZ) 3:09; Leslie Castenada (LX) 3:10. 
-- 1600 Meter Run: 1. Lexie Foster (BB) 5:49; 6. Ashley Burkholder (CZ) 6:12; Priscilla Castenada (LX) 6:37. 
-- 3200 Meter Run: 1. Katie Roach (DT) 12:40; 4. Jessica Virgilio (LX) 14:19; 5. Margaret McGinnis (CZ) 14:39. 
-- 400 Meter Relay: 1.Hastings 51.30; 2. Czoad 52.6; 4. Lexington 53.8. 
-- 1600 Meter Relay: 1. Lexington 4:15.1. 
-- 3200 Meter Relay: 1. Cozad 11:06; 5. Lexington 11:49.5. 
Boys Team Standings
Northwest 142.5; Lexington 99; Holdrege 91.5; Hastings 83; Doniphan-Trumbull 39’ Broken Bow 37; Cozad 23; Hastings JV 12. 
Individual Events
-- Long Jump: 1. Ajack Waikur (LX) 21’4”; Kobe Lo (LX) 18’8.5”; Evan McCrickard (CZ) 18’6”; Dakota Haines (LX) 18’2.75”; Isaiah Young (CZ) 17’2.5”; Noah Morales (CZ) 16’9.75”; Tomas Margritz (LX) 16’4.75”; Devin Lytton (CZ) 16’4.25”; 
-- Triple Jump: 1. Ajack Waikur (LX) 45’8”; 4. Kobe Lo (LX) 39’1”; 5. Anthony Mota (LX) 38’9”; 6. Maddux Myer (CZ) 38’1.5”; Tanner Rowe (LX) 36’9.25”; Kadyn Marhenke (CZ) 33’7.5”. 
-- High Jump: 1. Ajack Waikur (LX) 6’2”; Morgan Schroeder (CZ) 5’8”; Jonathan Neill (CZ) 5’6”; Caleb Holbrook (LX) 5’4”. 
-- Pole Vault: 1. Joel Myers (BB) 14’1”; 5. Ean Bailey (LX) 11’6”; Jaxon Fagot (LX) 11’0”; Corbyn Sattler (CZ) 10’6”; Saw Htoo (CZ) 9’0”; Jake Lindstedt (CZ) 9’0”. 
-- Shotput: 1.Riley Peterson (BB) 44’1.75”; 3. Ethan Woehrle (LX) 41’5.75”; 5. Josh Stallbaumer (CZ) 39’6.50”; Oracio Corona (LX) 37’10.25”; Aidan Stuart (LX) 37’10”; Wilmer Hoisington (LX) 35’10.5”; Silver Delgado (CZ) 34’11.75”; Alex Huertas (CZ) 33’7.5”; Kade Mason (CZ) 32’7.75”; 
-- Discus: 1. Creighton Hinrichs (HAS) 141’5”; 6. Ethan Woehrle (LX) 114’3”; Josh Stallbaumer (CZ) 114’2”; Wilmer Hoisington (LX) 110’0”; Alex Barrios (LX) 102’1”; Kamyrn Pike (LX) 97’1”; Kade Mason (CZ) 91’0”; Jakob Kostman (CZ) 82’1”; Stephen Gumbel (CZ) 80’1”.
-- 110 Meter Hurdles: 1. Payton Stein (NW) 15.6; 4. Fernando Arias (LX) 17.0; Morgan Schroeder (CZ) 17.6. 
-- 300 Meter Hurdles: 1. Kaden Ritz (DT) 42.5; Fernando Arias (LX) 46.3; Morgan Schroeder (CZ) 48.0; Jordan Hall (CZ) 56.0. 
-- 100 Meter Dash: 1. Chris Vincent (DT) 11.1; 2. Dalton Schumacher (LX) 11.2; 3. Evan McCrickard (CZ) 11.5; 5. Jairo Alvarez (LX) 11.6; Tomas Margritz (LX) 11.9; Miguel Guerrero (CZ) 11.9; Devin Lytton (CZ) 12.4; Kaleb Carpenter (LX) 12.5; Matthew Schuster (CZ) 13.5. 
-- 200 Meter Dash: 1. Dalton Schumacher (LX) 23.4; 3. Evan McCrickard (CZ) 24.1; 5. Tanner Rowe (LX) 24.3; Kaleb Carpenter (LX) 25.2; Devin Lytton (CZ) 25.7; Corbyn Sattler (CZ) 26.5; Elmer Orellana (CZ) 27.9; Dakota Haines (LX) 27.9. 
-- 400 Meter Dash: 1. Lukas Simonson (HAS) 52.7; 2. Nick Saiz (LX) 53.5; Anthony Mota (LX) 57.6; Kaleb Pohl (CZ) 58.9; Jose Orantes (LX) 59.7; Isaiah Young (CZ) 1:01; Elmer Orellana (CZ) 1:03; Hunter Tilson (CZ) 1:07. 
-- 800 Meter Run: 1. Seth Simonson (HAS) 2:02; Gavin Strauss (LX) 2:16; Holton Edeal (LX) 2:26; Jacob Sub (CZ) 2:29; Pierce Applegate (CZ) 2:33. 
-- 1600 Meter Run: 1. Tyler Peterson (HOL) 4:50; 2. Yanni Vasquez (LX) 4:54. 
-- 3200 Meter Run: 1. Gavin Klein (HOL) 10:35; 4. Yanni Vasquez (LX) 11:01. 
-- 400 Meter Relay: 1. Northwest 46.2; 3. Cozad 47.3. 
-- 1600 Meter Relay: 1. Hastings 3:35; 2. Lexington 3:40; 6. Cozad 3:56. 
-- 3200 Meter Relay: 1. Holdrege 8:55; 5. Cozad 9:48. 
Taking to the court to show their skills will be the Cozad High School boys that will challenge for supremacy in the Third Annual Muscle Man Volleyball Tournament that will be held on Sunday, April 8th at the Barn. 
The volleyball action will start promptly at 2 p.m. and run until 4 p.m. There will be nearly 100 Cozad High School Students involved in the event with over 40 Cozad boys playing. 
Proceeds from the tournament will go to the Cozad United Way.
For more information about the Muscle Man Volleyball  Tournament, you can contact Jann Kloepping at 784-2744 or the Cozad United Way at 784-2804. 
Working hard paid off in a big way for Harol Molina of Lexington High School, as he won the National Championship in his weight division at the 2018 USA Powerlifting High School National Tournament that was held in Appleton, Wisconsin this past weekend. 
Molina competed in the 83 kg. RAW varsity weight division. 
To compete in the national tournament, Harol had to win a qualifying meet earlier in the year. Molina won his qualifying meet duirng competition in December. 
There were 16 lifters that compete in Molina’s weight division at the national tournament. 
Harol Molina combined to lift 565 kgs. to power past runner-up Nicholas Grewe from Winneconne High School in Wisconson, whose grand total was 540 kgs. 
In standard weights Molina squated 423.5 lbs., bench pressed 308 lbs. and deadlifted 511.5 lbs. 
Winners of the meet may be invited to be a part of the Worlds Powerlifting Team, Molina will not find out about his status with the Worlds team for the next couple of weeks. 
Getting the outdoor track and field season started off on the right foot, the Gothenburg Lady Swedes were fourth overall in the team race at the Sidney Red Raider Invitational on Saturday. 
The Lady Swedes had two individual gold medal champions along with showcasing their depth to win the 1600 and 3200 meter relay events. 
Senior Gracie Stienike was the class of the field in the shotput with a top effort of 36’6” to win the gold medal. Fellow Lady Swede thrower Arleigh Costello was the bronze medalist with a top throw of 35’0”. 
Hannah Anderson blitzed the field of quarter milers to win the 400 meter dash by stopping the watch in 1:02.8 to win the gold medal. 
The Lady Swedes 1600 meter relay completed their exchanges in 4:22 to win gold and the Gothenburg 3200 meter relay finished the eight lap affair in 10:27. 
The 1-2 punch of Kayla Weyers and Jaiden Davis scored big points for the Lady Swedes in the 800 meter run. Weyers was the silver medalist (2:35) with Davis close behind in stopping the clock at 2:39, good enough for fourth overall. 
In another of the grueling events similar to the 800 meter run, Kaitlyn Kleinknecht of Gothenburg chopped the timber to the tune of 52.06 seconds to finish fourth in the 300 meter hurdles. 
Bella Rickertsen and Amaya Ackerman earned bronze medals in their specialty events, the 100 meter dash and the long jump, respectively. 
Registration for boys entering kindergarten through the 8th grade and girls entering kindergarten through the 3rd grade for summer t-ball, baseball and softball in Cozad will take place on Monday and Tuesday March 5th and 6th.
Registration will be from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. both dates at the Cozad Community Wellness Center. 
A team may not be formed if there are not enough players to form a team in a certain age group, and no registrations will be accepted after April 15th.
Questions may be directed to Heidi Bazata at 308-325-1539.