The world of recruiting has become a very cutthroat world for the best athletes. There used to be a respect factor that was the dividing line in the sand. Now, that dividing line in the sand is erased and passed by anybody and everybody it seems. 
There are middle school athletes that are receiving special interest from college coaches in virtually every sport it seems anymore. I have heard of some of those unreal scholarship offers to elementary kids and even kids prior to being born. To say that the cart is being put in front of the horses would be an understatement when examining the recruiting world in this day and age. 
Speaking that the recruiting world has seen its fair share and more of violations by schools of all sizes. It seems that offering special privledges and special services has become the normal anymore. The University of Louisville has found themselves in hot water for an assistant coach hiring escorts during recruiting visits. I would be willing to bet that they aren’t the only ones using this method of recruiting to their favor, they are just the only ones that have gotten caught lately. 
It wasn’t that long ago that ESPN had a special feature on the recruiting wars of the old Southwest Conference in Texas, that resulted in the death penalty for Southern Methodist University. That was decades ago and I am guessing that the powers to be, flex their muscle for colleges and sports programs even more now that ever. 
The recruiting wars can be exciting to watch when it comes to signing days for some people to watch, but I am ‘old school’ and loyalty to a verbal committment holds water for me. I totally feel that the use of respect and honor should become a bigger piece of the puzzle for successful athletic programs. 
It is sad to see the results of the recruiting wars bring tears and fears, especially now that it has become mainstream in the high school and middle school ranks.