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Tyler Herman has been to the top of the mountain as a coach of state championship winning teams and he hopes as the new Activities Director at Gothenburg Public Schools, he can assist the teams and organizations of the Swede City continue to be successful. 
“I was very intrigued when I applied for the position. I heard nothing but great things about the Gothenburg School District and how progressive the school and community continue to get better and better,” expressed Tyler Herman. “Opportunities to be an Administrator and Activity Director in great school districts like Gothenburg’s, don’t come around to often.”
Tyler started his new job on August 1st and has enjoyed being back involved in activities. 
Prior to being named to his new position in Gothenburg, Herman was the Dean of Students at Kearney High School. Prior to his work for two years at Kearney, Tyler was a teacher and coach at Amherst Public Schools. He was a teacher for 10 years and coached for 12 years at Amherst. Along with coaching the well-known Broncos Wrestling squad, Herman also gained experience as an Activities Diretor along with coaching, Golf, Football Track and Cross Country at various levels. 
“I have big shoes to fill, but it is great to have Mr. Ryker still being in the school to look to for guidance when needed,” stated Herman. “It is important for me to be a good listener and an active listener in all aspects of being a administrator and activities director.”
Herman and his wife Jacque have three daughters that are also excited to be Swedes.