Working hard paid off in a big way for Harol Molina of Lexington High School, as he won the National Championship in his weight division at the 2018 USA Powerlifting High School National Tournament that was held in Appleton, Wisconsin this past weekend. 
Molina competed in the 83 kg. RAW varsity weight division. 
To compete in the national tournament, Harol had to win a qualifying meet earlier in the year. Molina won his qualifying meet duirng competition in December. 
There were 16 lifters that compete in Molina’s weight division at the national tournament. 
Harol Molina combined to lift 565 kgs. to power past runner-up Nicholas Grewe from Winneconne High School in Wisconson, whose grand total was 540 kgs. 
In standard weights Molina squated 423.5 lbs., bench pressed 308 lbs. and deadlifted 511.5 lbs. 
Winners of the meet may be invited to be a part of the Worlds Powerlifting Team, Molina will not find out about his status with the Worlds team for the next couple of weeks.