Getting the chance to take a close look at cars that were restored to their original beauty or even modified to a more modern twist in automobile were the Vehicles that were showcased during the Wurst Tag Show & Shine Event held in downtown Eustis recently during their Annual Event.  
There were over 25 cars on display for the large crowd in attendance during the annual celebration to check out and vote on their favorites. 
Earning accolades and special awards during the show held in Eustis were: 
Peoples Choice #1 Denny Kenning, 1957 Ford Fairlane 500 two-door. 
Peoples Choice # 2 Beau Robertson, 1972 Chevy K/20 4x4 Pick-up.
Peoples Choice #3 Alex and Pam Silos, 1969 Plymouth Hemi Road Runner. 
The Best Rat Rod: Sharon Larson 1959 Studebaker Pick-Up. 
The Best Mopar: Mark Metzger, 1969 Plymouth Road Runner. 
The Best Ford: Denny Kenning, 1957 Ford Fairlane 500 two-door. 
The Best Engine: Alex and Pam Silos, 1969 Plymouth Hemi Road Runner. 
The Best Paint: Erc Seaman, 1970 Chevy El Camino. 
Best GM: Pete Bishop, 1938 Cheby Business Coupe, two-door. 
Longest Distance To Show: Bob Dobbs, Louisville, 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 two-door. 
The Orthman Community YMCA will host a team of young adults traveling the country as part of the 4K for Cancer to raise awareness and funds for The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults.
The team of 23 cyclists and runners ages 18-25 will spend the night in Lexington July 6th as part of their ride/run to raise funds for the Ulman Cancer Fund, which is a non-profit organization that supports young adults impacted by cancer. The money raised goes toward direct patient services, such as money for gas or housing near hospitals, chemo care packages and the Cancer to 5K program. 
Five teams of young adults are traveling across America this summer as part of the 4K for Cancer. The team that is staying in Lexington started from Waynesboro, Penn., on June 4, and will finish in Portland, Oregon on Aug. 12th. 
Riley Gruntorad, Executive Director of the Orthman Community YMCA, said the Y is happy to help support the 4K for Cancer team by offering a place to sleep and shower for the night. Members of the Calvary Assembly of God Church will provide an evening meal for the group, and Gruntorad will provide breakfast.
The 4K for Cancer riders cycle anywhere from 50-120 miles per day. The runners travel anywhere from 6-16 miles per day (they run in a relay-style format). Their next stop after Lexington will be North Platte.
The world of recruiting has become a very cutthroat world for the best athletes. There used to be a respect factor that was the dividing line in the sand. Now, that dividing line in the sand is erased and passed by anybody and everybody it seems. 
There are middle school athletes that are receiving special interest from college coaches in virtually every sport it seems anymore. I have heard of some of those unreal scholarship offers to elementary kids and even kids prior to being born. To say that the cart is being put in front of the horses would be an understatement when examining the recruiting world in this day and age. 
Speaking that the recruiting world has seen its fair share and more of violations by schools of all sizes. It seems that offering special privledges and special services has become the normal anymore. The University of Louisville has found themselves in hot water for an assistant coach hiring escorts during recruiting visits. I would be willing to bet that they aren’t the only ones using this method of recruiting to their favor, they are just the only ones that have gotten caught lately. 
It wasn’t that long ago that ESPN had a special feature on the recruiting wars of the old Southwest Conference in Texas, that resulted in the death penalty for Southern Methodist University. That was decades ago and I am guessing that the powers to be, flex their muscle for colleges and sports programs even more now that ever. 
The recruiting wars can be exciting to watch when it comes to signing days for some people to watch, but I am ‘old school’ and loyalty to a verbal committment holds water for me. I totally feel that the use of respect and honor should become a bigger piece of the puzzle for successful athletic programs. 
It is sad to see the results of the recruiting wars bring tears and fears, especially now that it has become mainstream in the high school and middle school ranks.